Appear in Virtual Court

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About Virtual Court Sessions

Virtual Court Sessions allow you to appear for your citation in an online virtual courtroom, without a trip to city hall or a physical appearance in a court room. 
This option allows defendants to dispose of eligible cases (see eligibility requirements below) via a video conference with the judge through the use of ZOOM either on your computer or wireless device. 
*You must have a webcam/built in camera with sound and video on your device for the Virtual Court to be an option for you


Court Date: Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 8:30 AM

Meeting ID: 875 7182 9074
Passcode: 959048    

All virtual court sessions will be available for viewing by the public via Livestream on YouTube. The Livestream will only be available during active court sessions. Please click the button below for the livestream.


Zoom Tutorials


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the virtual court alternative was developed to protect the health and safety of our defendants, our staff, and the public by reducing the possible risk of COVID-19 community transmission during in-person court sessions. 
Virtual court sessions are not limited to those concerned about COVID-19, but to those parents with childcare needs that make it difficult to attend an in-person session, workers who cannot take a day off work to attend court, people who do not have good transportation arrangements, and others who, for whatever reason, face difficulty in attending an in-person court session.

How it Works

Attending Virtual Court allows the defendant to:  

  • Enter a Plea of NOT GUILTY and request a trial by judge or trial by jury on a later date. 
  • Enter a plea of guilty or no contest. Defendants who plead GUILTY or NO CONTEST via the E-Court Appearance have the same opportunities for payment plans, compliance dismissals, driver safety courses, or deferred disposition.
  • Request an extension of the due dates established by a previous judgment. You will need to be prepared to provide extenuating circumstances to the judge as to why an extension is needed.
  • Seek resolution of outstanding warrants via the establishment of a payment plan.

Virtual Court Rules


Payment of Fines

If the defendant is ordered to pay a fine, the Court also offers online payment arrangements through Government Window - Stonecrest, as well as many other payment methods that allow the defendant to avoid a trip to City Hall to pay a fine, to include payments received via U.S. Regular Mail in the form of a Money Order and Cashier's Checks: 
Stonecrest City Hall 
3120 Stonecrest Blvd., Suite 190 
Attn: Municipal Court of Stonecrest 
Stonecrest, GA 30038 

Citation Types Eligible for Virtual Court

The virtual court alternative is available for:

  • Non-traffic citations