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City of Stonecrest Passes Modification to their Zoning Ordinance

The City of Stonecrest has passed a modification to its Chapter 27 Zoning Ordinance, ushering in a new era of innovative housing solutions with the approval of Micro Home Communities (MHC). This amendment allows for the establishment of dwellings in Stonecrest that are less than 800 square feet.

This MHC approval from City Council signifies a commitment to addressing the evolving housing needs of the Stonecrest community while fostering sustainable development practices. By permitting Micro Homes in designated areas such as the Stonecrest Area Overlay, Tiers 2, 3, 4, and 5, through underlying high-density zoning districts of HR-1, HR-2, and HR-3, Stonecrest is embracing progressive urban planning principles.

Mayor Cobble expressed enthusiasm for the passage of this ordinance, stating, "This modification marks a pivotal moment in our city's history. It reflects our dedication to fostering diverse, inclusive neighborhoods and providing affordable housing options for residents of all backgrounds. By embracing Micro Home Communities, we are promoting sustainable development and enhancing the vibrancy of our city." 

Micro Home Communities offer numerous benefits to residents and the community at large, including reduced environmental impact, increased affordability, and a sense of community cohesion. The City of Stonecrest extends its gratitude to all stakeholders, residents, community organizations, and elected officials, for their collaboration and support throughout the process of drafting and passing this modification.