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City of Stonecrest Unanimously Passes Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Recommendation

The Mayor and City Manager of Stonecrest proudly introduced the 2024 Fiscal Year Budget, a culmination of extensive discussions and feedback from staff, City Council, residents, and business leaders. Embodying the theme "Expanding Experiences and Resetting Stonecrest," this budget builds on the successes of the FY23, emphasizing "Improved Quality of Life and Enhanced Service Delivery."

In FY23, the city laid the groundwork for transformative projects, and FY24 will witness the realization of initiatives such as freight cluster projects, quick response projects, sidewalk enhancements, building and light upgrades, wayfinding, park and monument signs, parks furniture, and parking lot paving. These endeavors aim to elevate experiences and position Stonecrest as a destination not only for residents but also for visitors from across the state and beyond.

The city's commitment to transitioning services in-house continues in the FY24 budget year. To date, the only remaining services being outsourced are Information Technology, Engineering, Aquatic Center Management, and Right of Way Maintenance. This year, the Parks & Recreation Department expanded its responsibilities, incorporating landscape maintenance, facilities management, and the Building Department welcomed a new Chief Building Official.

Aligned with the "Expanding Experiences and Resetting Stonecrest" theme, the FY24 budget introduces expanded programs and services in Parks & Recreation, including senior, adult, and youth programs with transportation services and in-house management of the aquatic center. Other departments, including Community Development, Finance, and Economic Development, undergo realignment for enhanced services. 
In the Mayor-Council segment, additional funding is provided for initiatives and continued education & training. The City Manager's office strategically allocates funds from the Operational Budget, Capital Improvements Budget, and Comprehensive Plan Initiatives, adjusting the FY23 Workplan to reflect the projects included in the FY24 workplan.

The Communications Department undergoes reorganization, allowing the team to focus on marketing, branding, and promoting the City of Stonecrest. The Finance Department implements Tyler Technologies for improved efficiency and fiscal responsibility. Information Technology services, previously outsourced, transition to a hybrid model with added staff positions. Human Resources enhances the benefit package, successfully implementing the compensation study recommendations.

The Economic Development Department sees the creation of an Economic Development Masterplan, guiding intentional and culturally sustainable growth. Funds are allocated for a Business Development Manager position. Other departments, including Municipal Court, Planning & Zoning, Code Enforcement, Public Safety Liaison, Building, and the Capital Improvement Plan, receive funding for additional staff, training, and improvements.

Adopted unanimously by the City Council, the FY24 budget represents a comprehensive approach to "Expanding Experiences and Resetting Stonecrest" while ensuring fiscal responsibility. The city remains committed to reviewing operations, service delivery, and internal processes to strive towards being a "World Class City."

Notably, the millage rate remains unchanged, underscoring the city's commitment to financial stability while delivering quality services to its residents.