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The City's Response to Metro Green Recycling, LLC



Statement of the City of Stonecrest, Georgia, in response to public concern regarding alleged activity taking place at the Metro Green Recycling, LLC facility located on Snapfinger Woods Drive in Stonecrest.  

The City of Stonecrest takes the health, safety, and well-being of its residents and the environment we all share very seriously, as reflected by its charter, ordinances, and policies. Violations of those and other laws are therefore pursued promptly and diligently by Stonecrest and, if necessary, its legal team.  

Concerned residents and organizations have recently contacted Stonecrest regarding activity allegedly taking place on the Metro Green site. Stonecrest is conducting a thorough and expeditious investigation into the alleged activity, including inspections of the property and information-gathering from affected residents, in order to uncover any operations at Metro Green in violation of the court order or which require a certificate of occupancy. Stonecrest will utilize all available legal remedies to stop those unauthorized operations.

On August 6, 2020, Stonecrest filed a lawsuit in DeKalb County Superior Court seeking to prevent Metro Green’s proposed use of a site that fails to comply with numerous legal requirements. On November 12, 2021, the Court granted a temporary injunction preventing Metro Green from engaging in the activities covered by its solid waste handling permit until the court can consider the full case. Stonecrest is diligently working with its legal team to work toward the grant of a permanent injunction, which would prevent Metro Green from operating its disruptive facility.  

In a separate but related matter, Stonecrest also denied Metro Green a certificate of occupancy based upon its failure to meet the requirements for such a certificate. Metro Green appealed that decision to Stonecrest’s Construction Board of Appeals, which upheld the denial. Metro Green has now appealed that decision to Superior Court. In that parallel action, Stonecrest and its legal team are preparing to defend the properly issued decision of city officials and the Construction Board of Appeals.  

Stonecrest appreciates the concern and input of its residents, and requests that all inquiries and concerns regarding this matter be directed to