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  • Mayor Jason Lary gives address
    COVID-19 Resolution to Update City's State of Emergency Plan

    Mayor Jason Lary updates the city's COVID-19 State of Emergency Plan and orders residents to remain at home unless engaged in essential services. For more information call the COVID Hotline at 1 844 442-2681. For information on symptoms, and the latest federal government updates, visit www.cdc.gov. Play Video


  • Mayor Closes City Hall, Cancels Meeting as a Coronavirus Precaution

    Stonecrest, GA – Mayor Jason Lary announced today that city hall will be closed to the public starting Monday, March 16, 2020 for at least two weeks as a coronavirus precaution. The mayor said that he is canceling all upcoming meetings to include:

    • March 23rd city council meeting and work session
    • Municipal Court on March 26th and April 14th
    • Planning Commission meeting on April 7th
    • Board of Zoning Appeals meeting on March 17th.

    City staff, equipped with laptops and cell phones, will work from their homes or remote locations. Building and code enforcement inspections will still be conducted. The city’s main phone number, 770 224-0200, will be answered by the city’s call center. Some staff members’ office phones will be forwarded to their cell phones or callers may leave messages on individual voice mails. Staff members will return calls in the same manner as if city hall were open. The public is encouraged to use the city’s website, www.stonecrestga.gov to apply for licenses and permits and to report code violations. The website will also provide continuous updates on city hall’s future operating hours.

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  • housing authority members
    (from left to right) Edwina Clanton, Bill Bruckner, Mayor Jason Lary, Marty Garrison and Dennis Dae
    City Receives First Checks for New Developments

    Mayor Jason Lary and the members of the Stonecrest Housing Authority and the Stonecrest Development Authority are heading to the bank with their first checks. Last year, the Authorities respectively adopted bond inducement resolutions paving the way for a $70 million senior citizen housing community and a $700 million commercial development. This week, the city received two checks for bond servicing fees totaling more than $100,000 from the Beverly Searles Foundation and Allen Family Stonecrest LLC.

    Beverly Searles Foundation recently began clearing land to build a 238-unit, senior housing facility at 6757 Covington Highway with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Allen Family Stonecrest LLC’s is slated to develop the 300 acres surrounding The Mall at Stonecrest with a hotel, convention center and mix-use developments.

    The mayor said he believes this is another good sign for the city’s growth. “I am especially committed to providing a great quality of life for our seniors, many of whom, have sacrificed so much for us. The check today lets us know that Beverly Searles is moving forward with a center that will provide quality, affordable housing, and amenities for our seniors,” Mayor Lary said. “Members of the Allen Family Stonecrest LLC have been in constant contact with the city and are moving as scheduled with their commercial developments as well. As I have said in the past, our future is bright and you won’t recognize this place in four years because of the exponential growth that will take place,” he added.

    The authorities can use the funds in several ways such as investing other properties, legal fees, or to hire consultants for future growth incentives and initiatives.

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  • Mayor Lary and Police Chief Ramos
    Mayor Jason Lary poses with DeKalb County Police Chief Mirtha Ramos at the Prevention of Violence Awareness Day
    Mayor Declares 'Prevention of Violence Awareness Day' in Stonecrest

    A discussion on the safety and well-being of our youth was one of many topics discussed Saturday at the Jared’s Heart of Success, Inc’s., Prevention of Violence Awareness Day. The event, held at the Stonecrest Library, was a part of an ongoing national awareness program that educates youth on violence prevention through programs on bullying, suicide prevention, social isolation, gun violence, and teen dating.

    Mayor Jason Lary and members of the law enforcement community were guest honorees and panelists at the event. The mayor presented the organization with a proclamation declaring February 1, 2020 as Prevention of Violence Awareness Day in Stonecrest, Ga.

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  • Aerial view of Mall of Stonecrest's highway sign
    Mayor Releases Statement About Mall Foreclosure News

    A recent news story has Stonecrest residents wondering about the city’s retail future. The Mall at Stonecrest is facing an imminent threat of foreclosure according to a recent Bisnow article. The article states that the mall has been delinquent and in special servicing since 2013 and has been in and out of delinquency in 2019. The article also states that the mall could go into foreclosure in February.

    Stonecrest’s major shopping hub is not alone is its financial struggle. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, malls have been suffering great financial losses for years. Simon Property Group, the largest shopping mall operator in the U.S. and the owner of Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall, defaulted on a $45 million loan secured by Greendale Mall in Worcester, Mass. Greendale Mall went into foreclosure in 2016 but remains open today. A few years ago, CBL & Associates trimmed its portfolio and unloaded 14 malls by selling eight and giving six back to lenders.

    Understandably, questions arise about malls when its mortgages are given back to the lenders. Research reveals that most malls don’t close after foreclosure and consumers often continue shopping without knowledge of any financial strain. The anchors stores, such as Macy’s and Dillards, own their properties and are not subject to the mall’s financial plights. These anchors stores tend to continue to advertise and draw customers.

    Mayor Jason Lary released this statement regarding the mall’s future.

    “We are aware of the struggles experienced by malls nationwide as consumers are shifting more toward online shopping. However, we are strategically planning viable economic development around the mall that will thrive and will help the mall thrive. The city has a financial investment in the Sears building, so this is a personal strategy for me. I can’t speak definitively for private corporations, such as Urban Retailers, the mall owner, but I don’t foresee this as being a situation in which the mall will suddenly close. If the mall goes into foreclosure, then investors will still be able to purchase it at a price agreed upon by the lender. Our economic development plan, which will be completed soon, combined with the plans of Allen Family Investments LLC., owners of most of the vacant land adjacent to the mall, will add to the city’s residential and commercial density. So, in short, we have plans in place that will keep The Mall at Stonecrest from falling to the condition of other unsuccessful area malls.”

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  • Browns Mill Recreation Center Entrance Sign
    Parks and Recreation Staff Earns 'Georgia Bright From The Start' License for After-School Programs

    The city's Parks and Recreation Department recently earned a Georgia Bright From the Start license for the Browns Mill Recreation Center. The team, led by Parks and Recreation Director Sean DePalma, will reinstate the Stonecrest Afterschool Program on February 3, 2020, offering youth programs with higher standards and a more well-rounded curriculum which will include science, arts and crafts, and technology classes.

    The staff worked in conjunction with the South DeKalb YMCA staff and Dr. Sheila Lewis, a consultant with Creating Connections in developing a new after-school program and obtaining the license. In addition to the curriculum upgrades, the staff had to upgrade the recreation center to include new HVAC improvements, electrical upgrades, and the installation of fencing to secure outdoor play areas.

    The license ensures youth programs with a high service standard and will allow parents to participate in the Childcare and Parents Services (CAPS) program which subsidizes after-school care cost, according to DePalma. Without this license, lower-income families would be ineligible for this subsidy and would be forced to pay the full amount for after-school care. As a part of the Bright From the Start licensing process, each staff member had to submit to a fingerprint and background check.

    "This entire process ensures the safety of our children as well as a higher level of education. Generally, government recreation centers don't seek to obtain this license; however, we sought it out to bring a more structured curriculum for our after-school program that we hope will increase Stonecrest students' future academic achievements," DePalma said.
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  • Stonecrest TV logo
    Stonecrest TV - January 23, 2020
    Georgia Kangaroos Basketball Team Calls Stonecrest Home, and Hosts Season Opener

    The Georgia Kangaroos, Stonecrest's hometown, semi-professional basketball team, played the Augusta Eagles recently at Browns Mill Recreation Center for their season opener. See the highlight reel here and stay tuned for future games or view the Kangaroos' game schedule: https://georgiakangaroos.com/season
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - December 17, 2019
    Councilwoman Tammy Grimes is Sworn-In as District 5's Representative

    This Stonecrest News Brief covers the swearing-in of the city's newest councilwoman, Tammy L. Grimes, who will represent District 5. Councilwoman Grimes takes office immediately after her position was vacated by a previous councilwoman who gave up the seat to run for mayor.
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  • Miss Nigeria Olutosin Araromi
    Miss Nigeria 2019, Olutosin Araromi and Mayor Jason Lary
    Mayor Jason Lary Gives Ms. Nigeria 'Key to the City' After Ms. Universe Pageant!

    Congratulations to Ms. Universe Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa who was crowned at Tyler Perry Studios! Her fellow contestant, friend, and roommate Ms. Nigeria - Olutosin Araromi - stopped by city hall and received an honor of her own from Mayor Jason Lary - a key to the city!


  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - November 27, 2019
    City Bans Small Box Discount Stores and Approves Its Own Visitors' Bureau

    In this Stonecrest News Brief, Adrion Bell is joined by Economic Development Director, Clarence Boone to provide information on two items passed during Monday's council meeting.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - November 26, 2019

    Sean DePalma explains the community forums that will contribute to the Stonecrest Parks Master Plan. A series of forums and surveys will be used to gain residents' desires and suggestions for park improvements.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - November 7, 2019

    Mayor Jason Lary celebrates his 2019 re-election with a victory speech. Congratulatory remarks are made by community leaders and politicians.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - November 4, 2019

    Mayor Jason Lary and staff begin the evaluation of the city's recently purchased 66 acres at the end of Fairington Parkway. The city staff hired a Stonecrest contractor to use a special land-preserving clearing machine to aid in the evaluation process.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - November 1, 2019

    Adrion Bell interviews Stonecrest resident Melia Crawley and Mayor Jason Lary about the new paving project currently in progress in the Chestnut Lake Subdivision.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - October 28, 2019

    Mayor Jason Lary and the staff's first walk-through of the Sears building recently purchased by the city.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - October 16, 2019

    This segment highlights the grand re-opening of Browns Mill Recreation Center. Attendees of the event were treated to a ribbon-cutting ceremony, speeches by Mayor Jason Lary and city officials, a facility tour, entertainment and more! The new recreation center aims to be the community's hub for all recreation within Stonecrest.
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  • News Brief logo
    Stonecrest News Brief - October 14, 2019

    Mayor Jason Lary authorized a Stonecrest, minority contractor to replace a damaged fence near Walmart (Panola & Fairington Roads). This repair improved safety by reestablishing the barrier between I-20 and Fairington Rd and removed blight associated with the long-standing toppled fence.
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  • Mayor Jason Lary at World Chamber of Commerce
    World Chamber of Commerce Names Mayor Director of Board

    Mayor Jason Lary was recently named as the Director for the World Chamber of Commerce Board. The World Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote international trade and foster cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunities worldwide. Founded in 2008, the World Chamber of Commerce organizes and supports initiatives and events promoting global trade, cultural and humanitarian goals.

    “Mayor Lary is a proven leader with an excellent vision and skills to bring different areas of the community together. His experience will benefit the World Chamber of Commerce and the local community as well," said Solange Warner, World Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

    “My duties are to represent the United States on the International Board,” the mayor said. Also, I will be a part of the international conference in St. Lucia from November 6-9. I was selected for my work with the Caribbean community and my expertise in developing city contracts for services.”

    For more information regarding the World Chamber of Commerce, please visit the WCC. Website: www.worldchamberc.org, or contact wcc@worlchamberc.org or 1.800/590/9227.


  • Mayor Jason Lary and South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows
    South Fulton Police Chief, Keith Meadows, highlights best practices of policing strategies as Mayor Jason Lary looks on.
    Law Enforcement Advisory Committee Develops Police Strategies

    Mayor Jason Lary and Councilman Jimmy Clanton were amid more than 120 years of law enforcement experience at the Stonecrest Police Advisory Committee meeting this week. The committee met to discuss crime in Stonecrest, a needs assessment, and plans for the new Sears out parcel, which is slated for a police department.

    “This is the foundation for both our desire to collaborate with DeKalb County as well as our plans to move forward with a Stonecrest Police Department,” Mayor Jason Lary said. “Stonecrest is going to be a safe place and we have just the experience and knowledge on this committee to make it happen,” he added.

    Former Atlanta Police Chief and Former Clayton Commission Chairman, Eldrin Bell said in order to be effective and cost efficient, Stonecrest must innovatively manage its police department.

    “You won’t need several levels of management as some traditional departments have but those you hire must be held accountable for everyone they supervise,” Bell said.

    The former chief explained to the committee how Stonecrest should manage the handling of calls and the best ways to maximize the police department’s manpower.

    Bell was joined by Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan who has been praised for expeditiously putting together Dunwoody’s Police Department and South Fulton’s Police Chief, Keith Meadows who recently took command of his city’s new police department. Grogan spoke about the additional data needed to aid the committee in assessing the number of police officers needed. Meadows explained the importance of officer assignments and 911 response times.

    The eight-member committee includes Antoinette Williams, DeKalb Police Department’s Planning and Research Manager, and former police officers Dr. Barbara Hall, Antonio Render, and Adrion Bell.


  • News Brief logo
    City's $2 Million Property Purchase Will House Police Precinct

    This segment highlights the $2.1 million purchase of Sears' property at The Mall of Stonecrest. The city's newest acquisition will be used as an outpost for the city's first police precinct. Additionally, the 156,000 square foot property will have other uses for the city. Click the link to see the video:
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  • News Brief logo
    Mayor Jason Lary Promotes New Restaurant - Chicken, Waffles & Wings - in Stonecrest News Brief

    Mayor Jason Lary visits the city’s new Chicken, Waffles & Wings. While there he engages with customers and speaks with the owner, Angela Zimmerman, about the store’s grand opening on Monday, September 30th at 5:30 p.m. Click the link to see the video:
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  • Wesley Snipes and Mayor Jason LaryDiane Adoma
    Actor Wesley Snipes Visits Stonecrest for Potential Business Investment

    Actor Wesley Snipes met with Mayor Jason Lary, Councilman Rob Turner, Attorney Bernard Knight, and key city staff members this week to tour the city and gather information. Snipes is considering opening a distribution center for Dr. Amino Power+, a new protein supplement that is gaining international recognition.

    Snipes said that he first heard about Stonecrest during Mayor Lary’s 2017 bid and public relations campaign for Amazon’s second headquarters in which Mayor Lary appeared on Fox, MSNBC and other major networks. “I told my assistant to find that guy,” Snipes said, referring to Mayor Lary. Snipes toured the Lithonia Industrial Blvd area and is considering Stonecrest one of two finalists for his 15 to 20,000 square foot facility.

    According to information released by Snipes, Dr. Amino Power+ is the world’s first natural meat protein extract and is a revolutionary protein product composed of all-natural, low-molecular-weight amino acids. The product contains all nine essential amino acids and 11 nonessential amino acids and is formed using a high-pressure enzymatic hydrolysis (HPEH) process, which makes it non-allergenic and easily digestible by all ages.

    Snipes associates say that the actor will make his final selection soon and confirmed that Stonecrest is being seriously considered.


  • Mayor Jason Lary at ribbon cutting event of academy
    Mayor Welcomes New Education Elevation Children's Academy

    Mayor Jason Lary, Deputy City Manager Plez Joyner, and city staff members celebrated the opening of Stonecrest’s newest early learning academy. Education Elevation Children’s Academy opened its doors at 5341 Snapfinger Park Drive with a family-oriented Ribbon Cutting Celebration last Saturday.

    The academy will begin accepting students ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, on October 8th. The owners, Janeen Solar and Hyuana Davis acquired the center after it was vacated by Bridgepoint Christian Daycare. The academy is a part of the state’s lottery and CAPS funding programs and will feature a new multidisciplinary approach to providing child-centered, technology integrated early childhood services that will equip students for school readiness and life skills.


  • Diane Adoma
    Adoma Costs City More Than $13K in Legal Battle

    Stonecrest city attorney Janet Scott and city staff members were in court Tuesday for a preliminary injunction hearing on a temporary restraining order filed by the city against former council member Diane Adoma. The city filed the action after the former councilwoman illegally attended an August 26th city council meeting and acted as a council member though she officially vacated her seat by qualifying to run for another office on August 23rd. City video and records showed that Adoma attended an executive session and attempted to vote as a council member in the meeting though she had another order signed by Judge Mark Anthony Scott confirming the fact that she could not keep her council seat. The former councilwoman also used her key and brought a CBS 46 camera crew into city hall and viewed private files of the city clerk Megan Reid. The legal action to protect the orderly running of the city costs taxpayers in excess of $13,000.

    A temporary restraining order was signed by Superior Court Judge Clarence Seeliger on August 30, 2019, after a hearing that Adoma failed to attend. The order states that Seeliger also finds that the District 5 seat is vacant and prohibits Adoma from acting as a Stonecrest City council member in any respect including attempting to participate in any council meeting, attempting to access unauthorized areas of city hall, and harassing or attempting to direct city employees.

    The Georgia Constitution states that any elected official automatically vacates their seat when they qualify to run for another elected office and “the term of the office for which such official is qualifying for begins more than 30 days prior to the expiration of such official’s present term of office.” Adoma’s District 5 term doesn’t expire until December 2021. The seat for which she is running has a term that begins in January 2020.

    Judge Seeliger granted Adoma the opportunity to defend and have the temporary restraining order set aside at Tuesday’s hearing. Adoma told the court that she was not a threat, having never been derogatory toward the staff. Adoma claimed that she went through security to attend the council meeting though she would have to use a key to access the executive session that she attended. She said that Judge Scott told her that she could attend the meeting; yet, she failed to say that the judge denied permission for her to act as a council member.

    City Attorney Scott reiterated the justification that the city has for the order. Out of an abundance of caution, the city is asking that the restraining order be extended so that the city can function in an orderly manner without the past interference, Scott asked. Seeliger said in court that he would make the order permanent though Adoma had complied with most of the temporary order. The judge said Adoma could file a motion to set aside his order if she wins another elected position in the city.


  • News Brief logo
    Browns Mill Rec Center Gets Exterior Facelift Thanks to Staff, 60 Volunteers

    Nearly 60 volunteers joined the city staff and the South DeKalb Family YMCA team in beautifying the front of Browns Mill Recreation Center. Mayor Jason Lary and Councilwoman Jazzmin Cobble were among those who gathered last Saturday to plant more than 100 plants and improve the landscaping of the recreation center. 

      Stonecrest recently purchased the recreation center and began interior renovations that are near completion. Sean DePalma, the city’s parks and recreation director joined forces with Curtis Winston, the YMCA’s South DeKalb’s executive director on the Metro Atlanta YMCA’s Annual Days of Service which were September 13th and 14th. “It was a great day for the YMCA’s Days of Service in the City of Stonecrest. It was a perfect way to exemplify how partnerships and volunteers of all ages are the key to a successful and thriving community,” Winston said.

    “We are overjoyed to see our plans come to light,” Mayor Lary said. “The inside and outside of the Browns Mill Recreation Center has been completely renovated. But most importantly we took care of our constituents, improving their quality of life, as we said that we would do,” the mayor added.

    The pine straw and pine bark were donated by Home Depot and the South DeKalb Family YMCA donated $500 toward the beautification project, according to DePalma. “We are implementing a new standard of excellence and its going to be great for our residents,” DePalma added.


  • News Brief logo
    Councilwoman Cobble and Mayor Lary Discuss City's 66-Acre Land Purchase in Stonecrest News Brief

    Mayor Jason Lary and Councilwoman Jazzmin Cobble (District 3) detail the city's recent land purchase of 66 acres. Councilwoman Cobble highlights the intended use of land which includes a community center and a police substation. Click the link to see the video:
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  • News Brief logo
    Updates on Recent Approved Contracts, Upcoming Senior Residence Development in Stonecrest News Brief

    The recently approved contracts for the city's parks and transportation masterplan are discussed by Deputy City Manager, Plez Joyner. Also, Mayor Jason Lary highlights what citizens can expect with the new 238-unit senior housing development. Click the link to see the video:
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  • city council members and youth baseball team at city hall
    Councilman George Turner and Mayor Jason Lary honors accomplishments of DeKalb Lions youth baseball team.
    Mayor, City Council Honors DeKalb Lions Youth Baseball Team

    Mayor Jason Lary and Councilman George Turner honored the DeKalb Lions youth baseball team during a recent council meeting. The lions, a 13 and under team, made history in July when they became the first national and Georgia African American youth team in 11 years to compete in the 2019 Cooperstown Baseball World Hall of Fame Tournament.

    “If you know anything about baseball, you know that getting to Cooperstown is the ultimate honor for any baseball player. Just being invited to play in this tournament made history for Stonecrest and DeKalb County,” Turner said.

    Mayor Jason Lary presented a proclamation to the team and celebrated their success. “I am very proud of these young men. As a former basketball coach, I know the valuable lessons of teamwork and camaraderie that these young men are learning. This is in addition to the baseball skills that could be a foundation for their careers. It is even more rewarding to see this team succeed and make history as they have,” the mayor said.


  • Actor Robert Townsend Receives Award by Councilman Robert Turner and Mayor Jason Lary
    Councilman Robert Turner and Mayor Jason Lary presents Robert Townsend with proclamation for 'Robert Townsend Day' in Stonecrest.
    Mayor, City's Film and Entertainment Committee Hosts Robert Townsend

    The Stonecrest Film and Entertainment Committee hosted actor, producer, director, and screenwriter, Robert Townsend recently for his premiere Stonecrest broadcast of "Making The Five Heartbeats" at New Vision Stonecrest 16 theatre. The 90-minute documentary covered the challenges and the rewards involved in the production and release of the 1991 movie, "The Five Heartbeats".

    The documentary was written and produced by Townsend with interviews from co-writer, Keenen Ivory Wayans, and the cast. It featured behind the scenes footage and intense interviews about the lives of several R & B music legends such as The Dells, The Temptations, The Four Tops, whose lives the film was loosely based. Townsend expressed his struggles with prejudice and the film’s questionable marketing, yet he indicated that it was a success and told how the film helped saved one man from a drug addiction.

    After the documentary, Townsend was joined by actors Bill Duke, Clifton Powell, and director Oz Scott. The team answered questions from the audience filled with local residents and aspiring actors, and even question each other regarding their careers. "The underlying theme and message, we have for aspiring actors and producers, is to get trained and perfect your craft” Townsend told the audience. Scott, known for directing the Broadway musical, "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf" and television shows "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Black Lightning", encouraged the audience pointing to today’s technology and how, with the right skills, movies can be shot with an iPhone. “So, you have no excuse,” Scott told the audience.

    Mayor Jason Lary and Councilman Rob Turner presented a proclamation to Townsend and named Saturday, August 17, 2019, as Robert Townsend Day in Stonecrest. “We are thrilled to have Mr. Townsend in our city especially for an evening that gives our residents direct contact with him, his experiences and his triumphs,” the mayor said. “Naming this day in his honor is the least we can do to express our gratitude for all that he has done during his career,” he added.


  • Housing Authority members in City Hall
    Mayor Jason Lary with Stonecrest's Housing Authority
    Housing Authority Approves Funding for $70 Million Senior Housing

    The Stonecrest Housing Authority recently adopted a bond inducement resolution that will pave the way for a $70 million senior community. The community will include a 238-unit, senior house facility with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms and a 14 thousand square foot Senior Day Out Community Center to be located at 6757 Covington Highway.

    The Housing Authority was developed earlier this year by Mayor Jason Lary and the city council. The authority consists of one representative from each council district. The adopted resolution will allow the city to issue bonds of up to $40 million to help fund the development which will carry the name Legends of Stonecrest. The bond will be repaid by the developer.

    “We are very enthusiastic about the entire development but especially excited about the Senior Day Out facility which will be a community center featuring meals, health initiatives, and activities that will complement the Lou Walker Senior Center, “ said David Searles, Chief Financial Officer of the Beverly J. Searles Foundation, the development’s owner. The senior housing will serve retirees and working seniors age 55 and older with annual incomes between $18,000 and $66,500. Searles said now that all financing is in place, construction of the Legends at Stonecrest should begin before the end of the year.

    “This is why we developed the Stonecrest Housing Authority, to provide the means for senior development. In Stonecrest, we are focused on providing a better quality of life for those who have given us so much – our seniors,” Mayor Jason Lary said.

    The Searles Foundation is not new to the senior Stonecrest development business. The company built eight similar developments such as Antioch Manor Estates in Stone Mountain and Sweetwater Terraces in Duluth. Searles has three other communities under construction that will open soon in Vine City, Mableton, and Powder Springs. The Legends at Stonecrest will be one of their largest developments with the residential building spanning more than 260,000 square feet.


  • Mayor Lary at Lion's Head meeting
    Mayor Jason Lary meeting with Lion's Head residents.
    Mayor, City Staff Continue Neighborhood Meetings

    Mayor Jason Lary and city staffers held their sixth Meet the Mayor meeting in the Lion’s Head subdivision on Tuesday. The meetings have been attended by residents with questions ranging from economic development to public safety. The mayor and staff have been providing answers and encouraging more involvement from citizens. The mayor promised to bring the city to the citizens in his 2019 State of the City Address.

    “We are encouraging neighborhoods and homeowner’s associations to invite us out so that we can provide direct answers to questions and hear and address our citizens’ concerns. Our citizens will discover that it is far more effective to get the complete story from your mayor and city staff than to pull it from hearsay or naysayers with partial or incorrect information,” the mayor said.

    The next Meet the Mayor meeting will be held in the Flat Rock Hills subdivision on August 10, 2019, at 10 a.m. Residents desiring to invite the mayor and staff to their neighborhoods can contact the city’s Community and Cultural Affairs Director, Al Franklin at 770 224 0200 or afranklin@stonecrestga.gov.


  • Mayor Lary and Mr. Depalma at park
    Sean DePalma, Parks and Recreation Director, and Mayor Jason Lary meeting at Browns Mill Park.
    Renovations Set to Begin at City’s Parks and Recreation Center

    City staff will begin managing renovations at Browns Mill Recreation Center tomorrow. The center will be closed during renovations and will reopen on Monday, August 12, 2019. Renovations include:

    • A new heating and air conditioning unit and upgrades to two existing units
    • Plumbing and sewer upgrades to correct a backflow problem
    • Roof leak repairs and the replacement of insulation
    • Upgrading the fire panel which controls the fire suppressant system
    • The installation of fire safety lights
    • Repairs of two non-working water fountains.
    An overall cleaning and landscaping will follow, according to Sean DePalma, the city’s parks and recreation director. DePalma said that these repairs are required for the city to obtain necessary licensing from Bright from the Start, a state afterschool program licensing agency. Browns Mill’s afterschool program has been moved to the South DeKalb YMCA. DePalma said that he met with all Browns Mill instructors and vendors earlier this month to inform them of the temporary closure and the city’s new vendor processes.

    The city will purchase eight parks from DeKalb County this week. In addition to the Browns Mill renovations, DePalma said his first order of business is to remove unsafe playground equipment from Salem and Gregory Mosley parks. The playground equipment at all the city’s parks was inspected by both an in-house certified inspector as well as an outside inspector with the same federal credentials. DePalma said that Mosley and Salem parks contain equipment that has outlived its manufacturer’s lifespan. “In addition, over the years, the county has modified the playground equipment beyond the manufacturer’s design; therefore, it is in the city’s best interest to remove the equipment for safety and liability reasons,” DePalma said.

    Mayor Jason Lary said that he is confident in his appointee’s assessment. “I believe that Sean DePalma and our entire parks and recreation staff share my vision for a parks system that is safe and adds to the quality of life for our residents, especially our children. We will upgrade our recreation center and replace the worn-out equipment with quality playground equipment that is enjoyable and, most of all, safe,” the mayor said.

    DePalma said a Parks Masterplan will be conducted by an independent firm later this year. The plan will assess the needs and make recommendations for new playground equipment in all the city’s parks as well as assess the community’s desires for future facilities and activities.


  • News Brief logog
    Updates to Parks' Purchase, SPLOST Road Improvements and More in Stonecrest News Brief

    City officials discuss the purchase of eight (8) city parks on August 1, 2019, and its impact on residents and park patrons. Other highlights includes the completion of Phase 1 of the city's SPLOST contracts for road improvements, and the upcoming Phase 2. Lastly, the city's alignment of its hotel/motel tax is also feature. Click the link to see the video:
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  • News Brief logog
    Updates on SPLOST Resurfacing Project in Stonecrest News Brief

    Mayor Jason Lary discusses use of residents' SPLOST funds to complete a portion of the city's road repaving project. Click the link to see the video:
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  • Meet the Mayor promotion
    Jason Lary Connects with Fairington Commons' Residents During 'Meet the Mayor' Event

    Mayor Jason Lary's 'Meet the Mayor' event takes him to the community of Fairington Commons. He spoke to the specific concerns of this community, as well as overarching city interests. This meeting was held at Stonecrest Library on July 15, 2019: https://youtu.be/9q9GkA89-JI


  • Blood Drive at Stonecrest City Hall
    Mayor Visits American Red Cross Ahead of City-Hosted Blood Drive

    Mayor Jason Lary speaks with Ronnika McFall, Communications Department, American Red Cross, about Stonecrest's upcoming blood drive and emergency need for donor blood: https://youtu.be/lU7aqmOpmg0 View flyer for full details about Stonecrest's Blood Drive on July 30 between 1 - 6 p.m. at city hall: http://bit.ly/2NLem9K


  • Juneteenth exhibit patrons interact with displays
    Plez Joyner, Deputy City Manager, and Leah Rodriguez, Admin Assistant, partake in Juneteenth displays.
    Stonecrest City Staff Celebrates Juneteenth

    City staff takes a moment to celebrate and honor African-American Independence Day with a Juneteenth exhibit at city hall. Displays were provided by Details Specialized Gifts & Events and Flat Rock Archives.


  • Road paving in Stonecrest, Georgia
    Stonecrest Road Repair is Officially Underway

    Paving operations have started as many residents may see large Stonecrest SPLOST resurfacing signs in their neighborhoods. These signs are placed on select roads indicating the date paving will take place (pending weather conditions) as well as notifying residents to remove vehicles from the road. This project is the repaving of our streets using LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) and SPLOST (Special Local Option Sales Tax) funds (Your Pennies at Work!).

    Blount Construction is contracted to pave and repair 18 of the city's worst-conditioned streets as part of a project funded by a LMIG and matching SPLOST funds. In addition to the resurfacing of 18 neighborhood roads, Blount Construction will totally reconstruct the two-lane portion of Turner Hill Road between Rockland Road and Mall Parkway.

    View webpage for full details


  • Artist impression of roundabout
    Mayor Finalizes Purchase of City’s First Property to Halt Undesired Development

    Stonecrest, GA – Mayor Jason Lary and the city attorneys finalized the purchase of an 8.8-acre land tract on the corner of Evans Mill and Salem Roads this week. The purchase was initiated after residents expressed their disapproval of a proposed gas station and convenience store at the 5987 Salem Road site.

    The property owner, Shawn Ali, applied for a permit and was moving forward with his commercial development when the mayor approached him about selling the property. The mayor worked with Councilman George Turner and presented the idea to the public during the mayor’s Straight Talk meeting on March 18, 2019. Residents overwhelmingly supported the purchase.

    Mayor Lary then proposed a resolution for a council vote and on March 25, 2019, the council passed the measure to purchase the land for its appraised value of $350,000. “The purpose of the purchase was so that everyone in the scenario could win. The citizens didn’t want a gas station on that corner,” the mayor said. “We have the money to purchase park land using our SPLOST funds. The purchase gives us space for a park and the unique opportunity to transform one of the city’s most dangerous intersections with a safety control device or a roundabout,” Mayor Lary explained.

    The city staff is in the process of evaluating and selecting traffic engineering companies to determine the intersection’s safest options, according to city engineer Ken Hildebrandt. The possibilities include a traffic light, roundabout, or other road construction measures.


  •  City attorney, Winston Denmark
    City Attorney Gives Legal Opinion on Evans Mill Cell Tower

    City Attorney Winston Denmark has released his legal opinion on the cell tower complaints issued by residents near its 3610 Evans Mill Rd location. Denmark reviewed the application, the minutes from the original zoning hearing, the Stonecrest files, and the permit that was recently issued for the construction of the cell tower.

    Despite the past remarks made by one of our councilmembers and some citizens, our city attorney found no legal problems with the cell tower or the city staff’s actions in its permitting processes. The tower’s conditional zoning, highlighted by many residents, is not problematic at all, according to Denmark.

    Denmark said that the zoning decision rendered more than 40 years ago, did not disclose the actual conditions that were approved. It only says the conditions as stated by the applicant. “We don’t know if that means conditions printed on the application or the conditions mentioned during the zoning proceedings. We can’t speculate. Nothing in the zoning records states that the conditions in the application are the exact conditions that the county imposed,” Denmark said. “If the original minutes had said that we can approve this zoning based on the conditions stated in the application, then that would be fine; however, it didn’t say that. It said based on the conditions as stated by the applicant. He could have said something verbally or submitted another document that we don’t have,” Denmark explained. Denmark has assured the mayor, city staff, and residents that he has left no stone unturned and, after a thorough review, has concluded that the cell tower construction was legal, and that the city staff acted lawfully.

    Mayor Jason Lary said that he was willing to fight the cell tower within legal grounds. The mayor said that he was going to ask for a stop-work order during a March 25, 2019, council meeting; however, after consulting the city attorney and staff he found this to be impossible. “I asked for the stop work order to be issued the very next day after our council meeting, as I committed, and found out that the order couldn't be issued. My understanding is that the applicant had already completed the required work under the current permit. There was nothing else I could do,” the mayor said in a statement released to council, staff, and community leaders.


  •  Mayor Lary and Councilman Robert Turner identifying pothole.
    City Moves Forward on Road Paving Projects

    Recently, Mayor Jason Lary, city council, and the city staff awarded a $2 million paving contract to Blount Construction. The company will begin paving and repairing 18 of the city’s worst streets as a part of a project funded by a Local Maintenance Improvement Grant and matching Special Local Option Sales Tax funds. In addition to the 18 roads, Blount Construction will also pave a two-lane portion of Turner Hill Road from Rockland Road to the Bojangles Restaurant entrance.

    The road construction will begin in May and is scheduled to be completed in August. Four other qualified companies submitted bids for the paving contract. “Each contractor had to be GDOT certified and submit a bid bond. They were all reputable companies that have done work in the Atlanta area, according to Ken Hildebrandt, the city’s engineer. The bid award went to the most qualified, lowest bidder.

    “We are moving forward as promised. We have selected our paving contractor through the competitive bid process, and we will be starting the priority paving next month,” the mayor said.


  •  Mayor Lary presenting Pastor Jasper Williams with proclamation.
    Mayor Recognizes Local Pastor’s Effort to Change Black America

    Mayor Jason Lary attended an African American Churches Transforming Society (AACTS) conference on Wednesday at Salem Bible Church and presented a proclamation to Reverend Jasper Williams, Jr., the pastor emeritus and conference host.

    AACTS was founded by Williams in 2014 after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. The organization was founded to address the breakdown in the African American family, according to Williams, who told conference attendees, mostly clergy, that he intends to provide socio-economic and spiritual support to revive black families and restore their position in society. Williams referred to research indicating that more black men have been killed by other black men than by the KKK. “It begins at home and we as the church must begin to effect change. I am calling all African American churches and community leaders to join forces and help turn our community around,” Williams said.

    Mayor Lary presented Williams with a proclamation that honored AACTS and recognized March 13, 2019, as African American Churches Transforming Society Day in Stonecrest.


  •  Mayor Lary and Councilman George Turner protesting neighborhood gas station
    Mayor, Councilman Take First Steps to Halt Unwanted Gas Station

    This week, Mayor Jason Lary and Councilman George Turner halted the development of a proposed convenience store and gas station at 5987 Salem Road. Mayor Lary vowed to team up with Turner and put a stop to development at Monday’s city council meeting.

    The mayor and Turner met with the city’s land development inspector at the lot, located on the corner of Salem and Evans Mill roads, this week and discovered a few discrepancies that require closer evaluation by city staff.

    “The goal is to make it go away because of the desire of the people in the city. We are listening to our constituents and doing the best we can while still abiding by the law,” Mayor Lary said.

    Turner mentioned that he got his start in the community by fighting a development on this same property approximately 18 years.

    “This lot needs to be developed but a gas station doesn’t fit the development desires for the area,” Turner said. “We are not anti-development. We are looking for a complementary development that fits the community and a convenience store and gas station is simply not a fit,” he added.

    Mayor Lary will hold a public Straight Talk meeting on Monday, March 18, 2019, to discuss a few available options for the corner lot. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Stonecrest City Hall, 3120 Stonecrest Blvd., Stonecrest, GA.


  •  Mayor Jason Lary speaking with city engineer and Stantec crew about road paving analysis equipment
    Stonecrest Contractor Completes Digital Paving Analysis

    Stonecrest city officials will soon receive the results of a digital road analysis that will provide them with information on the condition of the city’s streets and a plan outlining the most efficient way to repair them. During the last few weeks, Stantec Consulting Services Inc. conducted the paving analysis using two vans equipped with the latest mobile laser, GPS, and crack recognition technology.

    City Engineer Ken Hildebrandt said the vehicle analyzed the city’s 269 miles of roads and will give the staff a report that identifies, analyzes, and locates potholes, alligator cracks, surface distress, rutting, and weathering. Hildebrandt also said that Stantec will rate the streets and then do a budget analysis that will give the city staff an idea of the most effective way to spend money repairing the streets.

    “Some streets might need a simple repaving while others may need a full depth reclamation depending on the condition of the roads. This road analysis will help us make that determination” Hildebrandt said. Mayor Jason Lary said that he is pleased with the progress. “We are delivering on our promise. Residents will see newly paved roads in Stonecrest very soon,” the mayor said.


  •  Mayor Lary and Councilman Clanton standing at upgraded road median
    Turner Hill, Stonecrest Parkway Get Beautification Facelift

    Stonecrest residents can now see the beginning of the city’s beautification efforts on Tuner Hill Rd and Stonecrest Parkway. As a result of a collaborative effort between Stonecrest and the East Metro Community Improvement District the median landscaping on Turner Hill has been upgraded with several hundred colorful flowers, decorative shrubs, and several crape myrtle trees.

    Similar streetscapes have begun on Mall Parkway. On-going maintenance for these medians will be paid for with funds from the East Metro CID and aided by the city’s new right-of-way maintenance program. Community Improvement Districts are an economic development tool widely used for services such as street and road construction and maintenance, park and recreational area upgrades, public safety, and to supplement nearly any services that the city or county provides within the boundaries of the district. CIDs are funded by the business owners within the district who, by majority consent, impose an additional property tax upon themselves.

    “This beautification effort didn’t cost the Stonecrest residents a dime,” Mayor Jason Lary said. “This streetscaping is an important element of our economic development plan because a clean, beautiful, place is a place that people want to come to work and conduct business,” he added.

    Councilman Jimmy Clanton serves as chairman of the Stonecrest CID Oversight Committee that works with the East Metro CID to negotiate beautification projects within the city. “This great collaboration will continue to produce ongoing efforts to improve the city until Stonecrest forms their own CID,” Clanton said.


  •  Sean DePalma stands with representatives of 100 Black Women
    Sean DePalma, Parks & Recreation Director, standing with representatives of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women (Decatur-DeKalb Chapter)
    Stonecrest Connects with National Coalition of 100 Black Women

    Stonecrest Parks and Recreations Director Sean DePalma recently spoke at an Economic Empowerment and Employment Workshop hosted by the Decatur-DeKalb Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. DePalma explained how a vibrant parks system directly impacts the community's economic viability.

    "Stonecrest has the amazing potential to be an economic hub that provides a high quality of life for its residents. Providing superior parks for our citizens is a key factor in our city's success, DePalma said.

    The city's newest director has been developing several community partners and he said that the 100 Black Women's partnership is essential to our park's future.


  •  logo for Stonecrest Comprehensive Plan 2038
    City’s Comprehensive Plan Approved by DCA and ARC

    Stonecrest’s Comprehensive Plan was recently approved by the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and the Atlanta Regional Commission. The city had an August 2019 deadline to develop an approved 20-year Comprehensive Plan. Labeled ‘Comprehensive Plan 2038’, the document guides the city’s look and feel for current and future developments. It is scheduled for a council vote on February 25, 2019.

    The city will be awarded a Qualified Local Government designation once the council approves the plan. This designation will allow the city to impose development impact-fees, participate in certain DCA Programs like the community development block grants, loan guarantees (Section 108), local development funds, and programs administered by other state departments like the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

    “The next step will be for city staff to revise the current zoning ordinances to match the approved comprehensive plan,” said Nicole Dozier, the city’s community development director.

    Citizens input was an integral part of the plan. A series of vision meetings were held to discuss the city’s needs, opportunities, vision and desired character areas, according to Mary Darby, Director of Planning and Economic Development for the Collaborative Firm, a consultant retained by the city to assist with the plan. The first meeting was held on April 16, 2018, and allowed residents to identify the three greatest assets of the city which included easy access to I-20 and the greenspace offered at Arabia Mountain.

    “A city’s comprehensive plan is not a part of an average citizen’s normal conversation. This does not denounce its importance, however. It is paramount to understand what a comprehensive plan is and its significance in the life of everyone within a given city, be they homeowners, lawmakers, business owners, or commuting workers,” said Darby.

    “This approval brings the city one step closer to its vision of becoming a world-class city. We have worked on this for years and finally we have a comprehensive plan that will take us from now to 2038. It encompasses a complete economic development plan which included tourism of Arabia Mountain, our commercial and industrial development and the maintenance of high-quality homes,” Mayor Jason Lary said.


  •  Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary accepts LMIG check from GDOT
    City Receives $536,511 to Improve Roads

    Recently, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) delivered a check for $536,511 to Mayor Jason Lary and the city as a part of a Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG). The annual grant will be used to begin repaving the city’s damaged roads, according to the mayor.

    The LMIG is given to cities and counties based on population. Stonecrest must match the funds by adding at least 30 percent which would increase the total available funds to nearly $700,000; however, the mayor and council voted to add more funds bringing the total to more than $1.3 million.

    “As I promised in my last Straight Talk meeting, we are going to make our roads safe. We have the money. Now we will begin serving our citizens and keeping my promise,” the mayor said. “Initially, we are looking to pave 18 neighborhood streets including Turner Hill Road,” he added.

    The 18 streets were chosen as the worst streets in the city according to a DeKalb County Road analysis. The city is planning to update this road analysis using a digital system that will provide more detailed information. “We will work in collaboration with DeKalb County to get the remaining city streets repaired,” Mayor Lary said.

    DeKalb County Roads and Drainage continues to do repair and patchwork on city streets such as Mall Parkway. The mayor said that he is aware of the pothole problem’s enormity, but he said he is confident that these combined efforts can make a significant impact toward getting this problem solved.

    Citizens may report and even take photos of potholes using the new Pothole Reporter app on the city’s website – www.stonecrestga.gov.


  • Mayor Jason Lary address Lithonia high school students
    Mayor Jason Lary Motivates High School Students During 'Signing Day'

    “Whatever you do, do something and do it to the best of your ability,” was among the quotes given by Mayor Jason Lary yesterday at Lithonia High School’s Signing Day. The students, mostly athletes, and their parents listened to the mayor’s motivational speech before participating in their National Signing Day, in which four 12th grade football players officially announced the schools they will be attending next year.
    Ja’Courtney Snipes, Kaveh Brantley, Gerald Sanders, and Zaryon Stubbs collectively earned football scholarships totaling more than a quarter of a million dollars. They will be attending Charleston Southern University, Independence Community College, Hutchinson Community College, and Rinehardt University on two and four-year scholarships. “We are seeing a greater interest in football,” said Lithonia Head Football Coach David Edwards. “When I first started working here, students were looking at me like I was crazy when I asked them about playing sports. Now because these young men’s leadership and the positive role models, more young students want to follow in their footsteps,” he added.
    The high school students invited Lithonia Middle School’s football team to attend the event. Retired NFL cornerback Tyrone Poole was also a guest speaker who encouraged the students and presented copies of his book, Ultimate Success in the Game of Life.


  • county workers filling potholes in Stonecrest, Georgia
    County Workers Getting Head Start on Filling Potholes
    As promised during Mayor Jason Lary's Straight Talk Session on potholes, DeKalb County workers are getting a head start on filling the city's potholes. Their road repair efforts will continue as long as weather permits. Recently, Plez Joyner, the deputy city manager, sent over 16 new pothole repair requests from citizens using the city's 'Pothole Reporter' website feature. This photo shows repairs along Mall Parkway.


  • Councilmembers Diane Adoma and George Turner
    Councilman George Turner, Councilwoman Diane Adoma
    Stonecrest Council Members Honored by GMA

    Mayor Pro Tem George Turner and Councilwoman Diane Adoma received a Certificate of Recognition from the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute during the Georgia Municipal Association’s (GMA) Annual Mayors’ Day Conference in Atlanta.
    The Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute, a cooperative effort of GMA and the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government provides a nationally recognized series of training opportunities for city officials. To receive the certificate a city official must complete a minimum of 42 credit hours, including at least 18 hours from a list of required classes. The training program consists of a series of more than 60 courses.
    “This is an outstanding achievement,” said GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson. “We commend Councilman Turner for this accomplishment and for the dedication he has shown in using this valuable resource to become a more effective city official.” Based in Atlanta, GMA is a voluntary, non-profit organization that provides legislative advocacy, research, training, employee benefits, and technical consulting services to its 538-member cities.


  • Sean DePalma, Parks and Recreation Director at the City of Stonecrest
    Sean DePalma, Parks and Recreation Director
    At the Helm of the City's Parks and Recreation!

    On Common Ground News - The City of Stonecrest has named Sean DePalma, formerly parks director of Fort Myers Beach, Florida, as its new Parks and Recreation Director. DePalma began his duties on Jan. 7, 2019.

    Mayor Jason Lary said DePalma is a good fit for the city. “We needed a person with varied skills in parks administration, personnel, facilities, green living, entertainment and sports. We felt he was the best fit overall for our needs for now and in the future,” Lary said.

    DePalma has more than 20 years of municipal administration in parks and recreation. In his previous role in Fort Myers Beach, DePalma developed and administered a $5.3 million budget and led up 52 skilled professionals. Prior to working in Fort Myers Beach, he held management positions in Florida with the City of Miami Gardens, Broward County, City of Coconut Creek and the City of North Miami Beach, where he managed a diverse team of more than 100 public servants.

    DePalma received his master’s degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Frostburg State University. He also holds more than 30 professional certifications including Parks and Recreation Professional, Aquatic Facility Operator, Six Sigma LEAN Green Belt Executive Project Management, Parks and Recreation System Master Planning and Youth Sports Administration.

    DePalma said he is excited to join the city. “Being granted the honor to serve as Parks and Recreation Director for Stonecrest creates the opportunity to influence true change,” said DePalma. “I know that the evolution of the Parks and Recreation Department is an opportunity for the City to increase the level of quality, as well as the diversity of services to our citizens. We are working to develop a world-class parks and recreation system that will deliver impactful, community engagement, enrichment programs, modern facilities, clean, and safe parks. Moreover, I genuinely look to hear, speak and serve every citizen of Stonecrest.”The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting was awarded to the City of Stonecrest by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). The Certificate of Achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.


  • Award presentation to finance department of Stonecrest Georgia
    In the photo (l-r) Michael Harris, City Manager; Audrey Mays, City Accounts Manager; James Pence of Mauldin and Jenkins; Mayor Jason Lary.
    Stonecrest's Finance Department Receives Top Award

    The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting was awarded to the City of Stonecrest by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) for its comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). The Certificate of Achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.

    In conjunction with the GFOA award, Mayor Jason Lary and City Manager Michael Harris presented an Award of Financial Reporting Achievement to City Accounts Manager Audrey Mays at last night’s city council meeting. Mays and Harris worked on the CAFR with representatives from Mauldin and Jenkins, the city’s external auditing firm.

    “I feel great. The CAFR is a great recognition, especially for our first year. We were in total compliance with the high standards set by the Government Finance Officers Association. Usually, cities don’t do CAFRs until they are about five years old. We intend on doing a CAFR every year as we have set our standards high,” Mays said.

    The CAFR was judged by an impartial panel to meet the program’s high standards which include, demonstrating a constructive “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate its financial story and motivate potential users and user groups to read the CAFR. - 1/29/19

  • Mayor Jason Lary, and news reporter in city council chambers
    In the photo (l-r) Mayor Jason Lary, Melissa Stern of CBS46 News.
    Mayor, SPLOST Committee Address City Pothole Problem

    Mayor Jason Lary teamed with CBS46 Atlanta yesterday to provide Stonecrest residents with information regarding the city’s growing pothole problem. The mayor was interviewed by CBS46 reporter Melissa Stern who inquired about the problem after a few residential complaints.
    During the interview, the mayor explained how the city council can now use Special Local Option Sales Tax Funds to pay for road repairs. He also informed the reporter of the intent to hire a right-of-way maintenance supervisor who will also help identify troubled spots on the city’s roads.
    In a recent city council meeting, Kerry Williams, a civil engineer and a member of the city’s SPLOST Advisory Committee, gave a presentation outlining options for paving the city’s roads. Williams explained the difference between roads that need repairs and resurfacing versus rehabilitation and the cost associated with each process. He encouraged the council to use a Pavement Management System so that the data collected will enable the city to wisely and systematically spend money on road improvements. Williams said that if the council starts the process of analyzing the roads immediately, they will be prepared for paving season which usually runs from April to early November because of the warm weather. If you wait and hire a SPLOST project manager, data collector and a paving contractor you may not be able to begin paving until October, Williams said. “If you start paving in October, then you have missed the paving season for 2019,” Williams added. He continued explaining that if the council would use current staffing and the city engineer to manage the process, residents could see new roads improvements as early as July.
    “We recommend that the council move forward without the procurements of a project manager, instead hire somebody immediately that will do your road evaluations. This will allow the city to begin paving in July,” Williams reiterated. “A lot of the good paving contractors have already booked their 2019 paving season, so the city must move fast because by March the contractors will be out in full force,” he added.
    Mayor Lary echoed William’s sentiments but informed the reporter that city council must vote to approve the funding of these paving projects as well as the method in which the city will move forward with its SPLOST contracts. “Once that is done, we can move forward. Hopefully by the Spring,” the mayor added. Last month the city’s SPLOST fund balance was $4.8 million. Approximately $600,000 is added to the fund monthly.

    Here is the link for the CBS46 interview.
    To view Kerry Williams’ presentation, click this link. His presentation starts at the 06:55 mark.
    - 1/16/19

  • Mayor Jason Lary, council members and city manager holding approved 2019 city budget
    In the photo (l-r) Front: Michael Harris, City Manager, Mayor Jason Lary; Rear:Councilmembers George Turner, Jimmy Clanton and Robert Turner.
    City’s 2019 Budget Jumps $2.5 Million Without a Tax Increase

    Stonecrest, GA – “Zero tax increase, just as we promised,” was Mayor Jason Lary’s mantra yesterday as he and the City Council approved a $9,168,400 budget during a special called meeting. The new budget’s bottom line represents more than a $2.5 million, or 41% revenue increase over the 2018 budget primarily due to the city’s ability to now receive a state insurance premium tax. The tax will not affect residents nor businesses in the area. Municipalities receive the tax from the state for property, casualty, and life insurance policies purchased by those within the city.

    The 2019 budget outlines a plan to hire one part-time and seven full-time employees, including a procurement officer, a code enforcement officer, a right of way field services manager, three parks and recreation employees, and an administrative assistant. “Department directors made presentations to the mayor and council and were successful in getting line items added for an economic development plan, Municode software to codify the city’s ordinances and make them easily accessible, a new website, and area beautification to name a few,” Mayor Jason Lary said.

    The city will also expand to include three new departments - Business Development, Parks and Recreation, and Community and Cultural Affairs. The Public Works Department will expand services to include a right of way maintenance department that will keep the lawns on our city’s thoroughfares maintained and clean.

    “We went from a $6.4 million budget to a $9.1 million budget without a tax increase and the city can still boast about our zero-millage rate. As promised, the extra revenue came from insurance premiums and an increase in revenue received from business license fees that DeKalb couldn’t collect,” the mayor said. The city’s business license revenue was increased by the addition of 536 new businesses and the auditing work of code enforcement officers, who investigated 170 businesses for 2018 license renewals. More than half of them complied and renewed their licenses, according to Code Enforcement Manager, Alejandro Ferrell. The remaining 170 had closed or moved. “Our city is growing, and we are the most reasonable and largest city in DeKalb to live. In 2019, we will continue to keep our promises of fiscal responsibility as we continue to operate and grow as a world-class city,” Mayor Lary added.

    The council passed the budget by a four-to-one vote. - 12/13/18

  • Mayor Lary and newly selected SPLOST Citizens Committee
    In the photo (l-r) Plez Joyner, Swain Waters, Shawn Jones, Phyllis Douglas, Dave Marcus, Erica Dixon, Mayor Jason Lary, Lemuel Hawkins, Michelle Emanuel, and Darrel Taylor.
    Mayor Names SPLOST Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee Members

    Mayor Jason Lary named the members of the city’s new SPLOST Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee during last night’s city council meeting. The 12-member committee will ensure that the city is accountable for the funds generated by the 1% tax that voters approved in 2017. SPLOST will generate an estimated $47 million for the city over the next five and a half years.

    The mayor said the committee is diverse with a wide range of skills that will be essential for making SPLOST recommendations to the council. “Committee members have backgrounds in engineering, legal, procurement, accounting and finance, construction project management, public safety, parks and recreation, and information technology,” Mayor Lary said. The committee, comprised of members from each of the city’s five districts, will meet later this month to begin reviewing the SPLOST management scope of services and set goals for projects recommended by Stonecrest citizens. - 10/16/18

  • Mayor Lary speaking with news editor Valerie Morgan
    Mayor Jason Lary being interviewed by Valerie Morgan of 'On Common Ground News' (Photo by Glenn Morgan)
    Still Standing - Mayor Lary is Not Done Yet!

    Mayor Jason Lary clears the air and sets the record straight concerning his 'resignation from office'. In an exclusive with 'On Common Ground News' the mayor gives health updates and reassures the city that he's not done yet! View the exclusive feature. - 9/28/18

  • Mayor Lary and Development Authority taking certification course
    City's Development Authority Receives Coveted Certification

    Stonecrest's Development Authority members completed training by the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Trainees gained insight into how such authorities serve a city's economic development process. We visited both Suwannee and Smyrna, studying their models of success in economic development. Authority members received certificates after completing the course which included training in ethics, conflicts of interest, bonds, incentives, strategic planning and finance. View the press release for full details. - 9/28/18

  • Mayor Lary at first Stonecrest City Limit sign
    Stonecrest Forges Ahead in Building a World-Class City

    Since taking office May 1, 2017, Mayor Jason Lary has led the efforts to put the new city of Stonecrest on the map. Among many things, he secured the first city hall offices and a U.S. Postal mailing designation the city. This month, the city reached another milestone - installation of 'Stonecrest City Limit' signs. For more details on how the city's progress view the latest news feature within 'On Common Grounds News' on Stonecrest's development. - 9/5/18

  • Mayor Lary and Mayor Green exchanging keys to their cities on stage in Guyana
    Mayor Visits Guyana to Aid, Educate and Prepare for Prosperity

    Mayor Jason Lary recently visited Guyana to strengthen the business relationship between Stonecrest and the South American country that recently discovered oil. The mayor consulted with the Guyanese government to teach them about the city’s contract-for-services model so that they can have best-in-class employees and services, especially in anticipation of their inevitable growth.

    Exxon-Mobil publicly announced a commercially-viable oil find that will produce an estimated 100,000 barrels per day in the coming years. Mayor Lary and Guyanese officials agreed that as the region prospers, so will foreign entrepreneurship along with an increase in import and export opportunities. Yet, prior to these opportunities, the country remains poverty-stricken, and the mayor as vowed to help.

    “It is our moral and Christian duty to help those who are less fortunate than we are, even if they are miles away,” the mayor said. The mayor and the city’s Community Affairs Manager, Al Franklin, visited Georgetown and New Amsterdam. The mayor presented keys to the city and received one in return from Georgetown. The mayor will hold strategic planning sessions in the coming weeks to identify ways that Stonecrest can aid in one of Guyana’s main hospitals. “The rooms and beds are substandard when you compare them to our hospitals,” Mayor Lary said. “We will find a way to help.”

    Not all areas to the country are poverty-stricken. The United States exported approximately $381.5 million in products to Guyana recently, representing nearly 27% of Guyana’s total imports. The demand remains strong for agricultural and capital machinery, telecommunications equipment, computers, farm chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers, and consumer food products. The mayor said he intends to lay the foundation for Stonecrest’s new and future businesses to benefits from the available import and export opportunities available in Guyana.
    - 9/1/18

  • the USA flag and a gavel on the United States Bill of Rights

    Hello Great Residents of Stonecrest!

    This is to inform you that these charter change notices will be advertised for 60 days in The Champion Newspaper and will be on the city council agenda for public comment in October and November. The affected sections are 1.03 (Millage Rate Tax), 2.13 (Employment Prohibition), 3.11 (City Finance Director Appointment) as well as 4.02, 4.03 and 4.06 (Changing Judge's Title). Click on the associated links for specifics. - 8/30/18

  • a woman on a train looking at her device
    Mayor Lary Guiding Transit Developments to Stonecrest

    New public transportation options are coming to Stonecrest, and greater DeKalb County! Mayor Jason Lary forms part of the project management team tasked with identifying and developing public transportation initiatives. The ARC-sponsored (Atlanta Regional Commission) DeKalb County Transit Master Plan, identifies transportation developments to complement existing transit options. The transit plan aims to 1) address the county’s mobility challenges, 2) enhance future development opportunities and 3) improve quality of life of all DeKalb County residents. Visit the DeKalb County Transit Master Plan website for additional details and updates. - 8/15/18

  • a breaking news image
    Stonecrest's Full Feature in Crossroads News

    The in-depth feature highlights the city’s accomplishments, current direction and future plans. View Stonecrest's news feature here. - 8/8/18

  • Jacobs’ interns take a moment to pose with Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary, City Manager Michael Harris, and Assistant City Manager Plez Joyner
    Jacobs’ Intern Program Gives 13 Local Students Government Experience

    Jacobs’ Intern Initiative is a two-month (June 13 – August 24) summer program for local Georgia university/college students to receive practical training within their field of study. Set mostly in government offices, the 13 hand-picked interns are honing their skills in engineering, communications and public administration. Based at one of five sites throughout the state, the interns have weekly ‘Intern Days’ when all interns gather at a rotating site to share work experiences and knowledge gained at their assigned sites. Participating sites include the cities of Stonecrest, Johns Creek, Tucker, Peachtree Corners and Jacobs’ regional headquarters. - 7/5/18

  • Mayor Jason Lary of Stonecrest, Georgia
    Mayor Jason Lary
    Mayor Lary Halts 'Party House' Events

    In an effort to crack down on all of the illegal house parties that have been taking place here in Stonecrest, I have ordered our Code Enforcement Manager, Al Ferrell, along with his entire staff, to identify and shut down these events before they begin. District 4 Councilman George Turner and I have heard you loud and clear to put these "Illegal gatherings" at the top of our community list. They are unsafe, out of compliance, and a traffic and noise nightmare for the residences in that neighborhood, and adjoining properties.

    In response to an event that was being promoted for this weekend at a house in Sandstone Shores, (Mansion Pool Party), my City staff and DeKalb County PD have met with the current tenant of the house, as well as the individual promoting the party. Both individuals have been cited by Code Enforcement for promoting a commercial activity in a residential area without the proper permits or licenses. Representatives from DCPD further reiterated the numerous State violations that would be imposed if the party were to occur.

    Based on today’s meeting, the promoter has stated that he will cancel the event and update all of his social media outlets to notify everyone that the event is canceled. Our Code Enforcement staff and DCPD will continue to monitor this issue throughout the week. Our city team has been doing a great job in identifying these “Party House” locations and working with the property owners to bring an end to these activities.


  • Mayor Jason Lary and Councilman Rob Turner presented a proclamation to Dr. Secora Lambert
    Mayor Jason Lary, Dr. Secora Lambert, and Councilman Rob Turner
    Mayor Lary and Councilman Turner Issue Proclamation to Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center

    Mayor Jason Lary and Councilman Rob Turner presented a proclamation to Dr. Secora Lambert naming Monday, June 18, 2018, as Lambert Chiropractic and Wellness Center Day in Stonecrest. Dr. Lambert's practice has been recognized a winner of The 2018 American Small Business Championship by SCORE. There were only two Georgia winners and only 102 nationwide. Dr. Lambert specializes in educating the community on detrimental lifestyles, proper hydration, physical activity, stress management, sleeping habits, and chiropractic care. Lambert Chiropractic is located at 2978 Miller Rd in Stonecrest. - 6/22/18

  • City Hall gets sign installed
    Stonecrest City Hall gets an exterior sign

    City hall now can be identified from the exterior of the building. The building formerly known solely as "The Strayer Building" now is jointly known as Stonecrest City Hall as the building bears the name of both entities. FastSigns was the company that installed the city's first sign. - 6/12/18

  • post office logo
    Stonecrest now has its mailing address

    The U.S. Postal service recently added Stonecrest, GA to their list of acceptable city and state designations. City residents may now use Stonecrest instead of Lithonia when mailing packages using the postal service. Stonecrest zip codes will remain the same.

    “This is one more step that will help put Stonecrest on the map,” Mayor Jason Lary said.

    Amazon, United Parcel Service, and FedEx have not officially followed suit; however, the USPS change will make it easier to bring the other three shipping services up to date. Staff members are also working with Google Maps to get Stonecrest as a designation. Currently, Stonecrest addresses placed in Google still default to Lithonia.

    “The process of updating Google is a lengthy, arduous one. The City’s GIS manager submitted the necessary information to Google last summer,” said Adrion Bell, the city’s communications director. Google periodically verifies and updates their records. In February the city’s Google classification was upgraded from a “new submission” to “under review”. “We hope this process is completed by the summer,” Bell added. - 5/17/18

  • Kerry Caldwell with builders
    City opens new online building permitting and inspection portal

    This week the city’s building officials introduced an online portal that will allow residents and builders to obtain building permits and schedule inspections online. Kerry Caldwell introduced the new feature at a builders’ breakfast recently. The link to start the online building permit process may be found on the city’s website under the Building Permitting and Land Use section or by clicking this link. - 5/4/18

  • Members of Maudlin & Jenkins
    City's Financial Audit Begins

    Members of Maudlin & Jenkins began an external audit of the city's financial records this week. Three members of the CPA firm, T.J Holloman, James Bence, and Will Derzis are reviewing documents from 2017 and will prepare a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report by June 30th. The city's finances have been handled by the Accounting Manager Audrey Mays with oversight by the City Manager Michael Harris. - 5/2/18

  • Prayer Breakfast Ad

  • Plez Joyner, Michael Harris, Demetrius Ivey, and Chris Wheeler
    Plez Joyner, Michael Harris, Demetrius Ivey, and Chris Wheeler
    Real Men Read

    Stonecrest staff members participated in a Real Men Read event at Salem Middle School last Friday. The two-hour event featured men from around the metropolitan area who volunteered to read to middle school students. Among the volunteers were Stonecrest City Manager Michael Harris and staff members, Plez Joyner, Demetrius Ivey, and Chris Wheeler. - 3/6/18

  • Stonecrest’s first municipal court
    City holds first Municipal Court Session

    Stonecrest’s first municipal court was called to order at 9 a.m., Tuesday. Judge Michael Sheridan presided over the first court session that was held to adjudicate five city environmental ordinance violations issued by the city’s code enforcement officers. Lenny Felgin served as the city’s solicitor. Deputies from DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office are slated to serve as bailiffs until Stonecrest establishes its own law enforcement division.

    Municipal court is scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. and the fourth Thursday at 6 p.m. - 2/15/18

  • Plans begin for Atlanta Sports City groundbreaking
    Plans begin for Atlanta Sports City groundbreaking

    Mayor Jason Lary and city staff members met with Vaugh Irons and the Atlanta Sports City staff today to begin plans for the construction of their first athletic fields. Irons and Chris Daniluk, CEO of Deluxe Athletics, will be applying for permits to build six multipurpose fields and three baseball fields on Mall Parkway. The multipurpose athletic fields can be used for sports ranging from soccer to lacrosse.

    Construction of the turf fields will begin around March 15, 2018, with a targeted completion by the end of June. “We already have tournaments scheduled for July,” Irons said. Daniluk, whose company will be responsible for the construction of the fields, said he will submit the proper plans and apply for the grading permit before the end of February.

    The mayor acknowledged that this construction will involve a change to the Stonecrest overlay district. An ordinance must be adopted to change the overlay district allowing for the construction of athletic playing fields. The mayor said that he and his staff will do whatever it takes to get this project off the ground and make Atlanta Sports City a success. - 1/31/18

  • George Turner Mayor Pro Tem
    District 4 Councilmember George Turner New Mayor Pro Tem
    Stonecrest City Council Elects New Mayor Pro Tem

    Mayor Jason Lary and the city council elected councilmember George Turner as their new mayor pro tem in a 5 to 0 vote today. Outgoing mayor pro tem Diane Adoma abstained from voting. The council held the election in accordance with the city charter which directs the council to elect a new mayor pro tem during the first scheduled meeting in January after a regular election. Three councilmembers; Diane Adoma, Jimmy Clanton and Jazzmin Cobble were re-elected last November and sworn in during a January 3rd special called council meeting.c

    Mayor Pro Tem Turner will be responsible for presiding over council meetings if Mayor Jason Lary is absent. Read more on George Turner. - 1/23/18

  • Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
    Stonecrest Mayor Jason Lary with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
    Stonecrest Mayor excited to be a part of the Amazon announcement

    Mayor Jason Lary received news today that Stonecrest is a part of the list of finalists for the new Amazon Headquarters. The list of 20 cities listed Atlanta but according to the Georgia Economic Development Office, this includes metro Atlanta and thus, Stonecrest. “We are excited that our efforts are paying off. Members of the state’s economic development office applauded our marketing and branding efforts and credited us for helping shine a positive light on this area,” Mayor Lary said.

    Stonecrest is offering to de-annex 345 acres for the retail giant’s headquarters. The city also used geo-fencing through a Seattle-based marketing firm to get a web-based, information video, and a site visit invitation directly to Amazon executives.

    The mayor said that he has also spoken with Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms about collaborating with her to help win the bid for the metro area. “We are stronger together versus separate as both areas have unique assets,” the mayor said.

    The next step for Stonecrest and other metro cities included in the Atlanta bid will be to prepare for a site visit from Amazon executives. The visits are slated for the first quarter of this year. - 1/18/18

  • Three Councilmembers Sworn In, New City Charter Adopted.
    Three Councilmembers Sworn In, New City Charter Adopted.

    Councilmembers Jimmy Clanton, Jazzmin Cobble, and Diane Adoma were sworn in for their first full term today during a special called city council meeting. The councilmembers were originally elected in the city’s first elections and runoffs in March and April 2017. In accordance with the city charter, half of the council had to run again in November of 2017 and the remaining councilmembers and mayor will have to run for office in 2019.

    In other city business, the mayor and council voted 5 to 1 to adopt a new city charter. The charter now goes to the state legislature for approval. “The reason we have a new charter is to separate the executive branch from the legislative branch and their duties,” Mayor Jason Lary said. “By law, we have to take on additional departments such as public works. Also, the addition of a SPLOST budget drove us to adopt the new charter,” he added.

    The new charter provides for the following:

    1. Gives the city council the authority to develop policy
    2. Grants the council authority to create, abolish, merge, and consolidate departments
    3. Grants the city council authority to investigate the activities of departments and other offices of the city
    4. The city council will have the authority to appropriate and adopt the annual budget
    5. The city council will have the authority to confirm mayoral appointments
    6. Limits the term of the mayor pro-tem to one-year with the election of the office to be held each January
    7. Restores the mayor’s salary to the original charter amount and makes him a full-time chief executive officer
    8. Eliminates the voting power of the mayor except in the event of a tie
    9. Provides for the veto power of the mayor
    10. Revises the age requirements to 21 years old for elected positions, boards, commissions and authorities
    11. Raises the age of those eligible to serve as a municipal judge to 35 years with a minimum of seven years as a member of the State Bar of Georgia
    12. Increases the authority of the city manager to prescribe the functions and duties of all departments
    13. Provides for the assessment and levy of an 8% hotel/motel tax on rooms, lodgings, and accommodations and provides that in each fiscal year, a portion of the taxes collected will be spent for promoting tourism, conventions and tradeshows for Stonecrest
    14. Changes the name from the Stonecrest/Lithonia Industrial Park CID to Stonecrest Community Improvement District
    15. Provides for any non-residential property owner’s membership into the Stonecrest CID
    - 1/3/18

  • Mayor, Council Pass Stonecrest 2018 Budget

    Stonecrest Mayor and City Council unanimously passed a $6.2 million budget during a special call meeting yesterday evening. Next year’s budget balances out with the city having $851,150 in its reserve fund. “This is a pivotal point in our city’s history. We will finish 2017 with more than $100,000 in reserves after our debts have been paid. Next year our reserves will be far greater,” Mayor Jason Lary said. The mayor also pointed out that residents did not receive any increases in property taxes in 2017 and will not experience any property tax increases in 2018. Lary cited proper planning and good fiscal management as the reasons for the city’s success. “For a new city to finish their first year with a positive cash flow is phenomenal,” the mayor said.

    The mayor cited a few examples of his staff’s fiscal responsibility. He said that he and city leaders were able to furnish and move into city hall for less than $10,000. The city staff occupied a temporary, rent-free office space from July to November 2017. They moved into the new city hall in November but will not begin paying for the 13,000-square-foot facility until April 2018.

    The budget does not include revenue from the recently passed Special Local Option Sales Tax which is slated to add $7.6 million annually to the city’s bank account. A separate SPLOST budget was adopted in November for the allocation of these funds. See 2018 Budget Spreadsheet - 12/29/17

    2018 Budget - Revenue Chart
    2018 Budget - Revenue Chart
    (Click to enlarge)
    2018 Budget - Expenditures Chart
    2018 Budget - Expenditures Chart
    (Click to enlarge)
  • Michael Thurmond and Mayor Jason Lary.jpg
    Stonecrest Mayor plans road improvements, public safety with SPLOST funds

    Mayor Jason Lary joined several local mayors and political leaders yesterday at a press conference thanking the public for their support of the Special Local Option Sales Tax. Seventy percent of the voters throughout DeKalb County favored the SPLOST to fund capital improvements.

    Stonecrest will receive more than $47 million over the next six years. The mayor said the funds will give the city the ability to address several neglected areas in the infrastructure, including paying roads, repairing potholes, improving transportation and enhancing public safety. “After the city’s comprehensive assessment of road conditions, we will immediately work to resurface, patch and/or fill potholes. Road repairs are projected to start early next year,” the mayor said. “We will move swiftly to engage the citizens of Stonecrest and with their input, complete a series of transportation improvement plans. Citizen participation will be needed in upcoming community meetings to ensure that our transportation plans are reflective of our needs,” he added. The mayor said that in weeks to come, a Pothole Hotline will be created as well as a citizen-driven SPOST Oversight Committee.

    Mayor Lary said that in the coming months, a feasibility study will be conducted to address the city’s public safety needs. The study will provide information to guide the spending of funds for a new police department. Mayor Lary praised the city and county voters. SPLOST funds will make a huge difference in the continued progress of Stonecrest, according to the mayor. - 11/9/17

  • Demolition of Unfinished Hotel
    Demolition of Abandoned Hotel Begins

    Today at 4 pm, Mayor Jason Lary took the first swing of a sledgehammer and even jumped in an excavator to begin the demolition of the abandoned hotel commonly known as the Cinder Block Inn. The mayor and staff worked diligently with the property owners to ensure that the hotel was demolished as Lary promised during his candidacy for mayor.

    “The process was about working with people and letting them know that we are emphatic about our community,” the mayor said. Lary’s Code Enforcement Manager, Al Ferrell said that he sent the owners of the property a letter of violation recently. The letter encouraged compliance with the city’s abandoned building ordinances and gave the owners 90 days to comply. Ferrell said shortly after speaking with the owners, he noticed an application for demolition and a schedule to comply with the ordinance.

    The demolition will take three to four days according to Zenon & Zenon Contractors, Inc. owner Orlando Zenon. - 10/11/17

  • Mayor Jason Lary conducts media interview
    Want out-of-the-box thinking? Welcome to “The City of Amazon”. Georgia city willing to create new city called Amazon for headquarters

    Today newspapers and media from around the nation are reporting on Mayor Jason Lary’s unique bid to lure Amazon’s second headquarters to Stonecrest. The mayor and council voted 4-2, yesterday to de-annex 345 acres of land and ask the Georgia General Assembly to use it to form Amazon, Georgia. “There are several major U.S. cities that want Amazon, but none has the branding opportunity we are now offering this visionary company,” the mayor said.

    Amazon is seeking a 100-acre site that has access to an international airport, public transit and a high quality of living. The proposed land, located off South Stone Mountain-Lithonia Road, allows enough space for Amazon to expand into its proposed 8 million-square-foot campus over the next decade. The e-commerce retail and cloud computing giant will bring 50,000 jobs to the area with salaries averaging $100,000 annually. A fact sheet released by Amazon also said the company will invest $5 billion in capital expenditures over the next 15 to 17 years.

    The mayor’s idea has taken off, putting the once-unheard-of city of Stonecrest in the national spotlight. The Stonecrest quest for Amazon story was picked up by the Associated Press and is running in every media outlet from Fortune.com and Bloomberg to CNBC. Amazon will decide on its second location next year. The deadline for submissions is October 19, 2017. - 10/4/17

  • Ribbon Cutting for Grand Opening of Burlington Coat Factory
    City Leaders Join Burlington Management for Grand Opening and H.O.M.E., Inc Donation

    Mayor Jason Lary and Council Members Diane Daniels Adoma and Jimmy Clanton helped the managers of Burlington Coat Factory celebrate their grand opening last Friday. Regional VP Terry Mosley, Burlington's Stonecrest Store Manager Greg Sapp, Eric Hubbard from Congressman Hank Johnson's Office, the mayor and council members participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a donation of 3 pallets of new store items to Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc. The organization, HOME, Inc helps single working or student mothers survive the tough times and persevere towards an appointed time for success in life, according to Carolyn A. Watson, the founder. "We provide immediate resources to rebuild, restore and furnish homes of moms emerging from divorce, violence or in desperate need of starting over," she said. Mayor Lary expressed his appreciation to Burlington. "You have started out doing great things in the community on your first official day in business. We support you and welcome you to Stonecrest," Lary said.

    Mayor Lary presents Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva with key to city
    Mayor Lary Welcomes Prime Minister of Cape Verde

    Mayor Lary recently welcomed Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva to Stonecrest during a private dinner and reception at the Allen Institute. After dinner, the mayor presented the Silva with a key to the city and an official letter inviting the prime minister to enter into a sister-city relationship that will foster educational, professional, and economic exchanges.

    Mayor Lary Announces the City's Bid for Amazon's Headquarters

    The city of Stonecrest is among several municipalities across the country competing to lure Amazon’s new headquarters, which will be built in North America.Mayor Jason Lary announced at the Sept. 18th City Council meeting that Stonecrest has formally expressed its interest in attracting the tech giant. “We are sending in our bid. We will be competing with Vancouver, Toronto, Atlanta and other major cities across the country,” said Lary. “I believe we have a good shot at drawing that type of platform,” Lary said Stonecrest’s close proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the city’s focus on economic development make Stonecrest a prime candidate for consideration.

    Amazon announced on Sept. 7 its plans to open HQ2, a second headquarters, in North America. The facilities would be equal to its campus in Seattle. Amazon said the new headquarters should have easy access to an airport with direct flights to Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. The company plans to spend billions of dollars developing the headquarters and will hire 50,000 workers - 9/27/17

  • Attorney John Funny, Grice Consulting Group, explains the benefits of SPLOST during a special call meeting at Stonecrest Library.
    John Funny, Grice Consulting Group, explains the benefits of SPLOST during a special call meeting at Stonecrest Library.
    SPLOST Resolution Approved by Mayor, Council

    Mayor Jason Lary and the city council approved a resolution affirming support for the call for a referendum on a one-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, today during a special call meeting. Their unanimous vote positions them to be in support of a county referendum to be voted on next Tuesday. If the county referendum passes, voters will decide on the SPLOST this November.

    Special town hall meetings will continue throughout the city, giving business owners and residents the opportunity to voice their support or opposition to the SPLOST. In past public meetings, attendees suggested improvements and projects to be funded by the city’s portion of the SPLOST proceeds. The enclosed Exhibit A will provide an overview of the capital projects on which, the council intends to spend SPLOST proceeds.


    1. Based on street assessment completed by DeKalb County.
    2. Transportation Implementation & Design (TID) Plan will be completed to design transportation improvements thru a publicly-driven process.
    3. Transportation Improvements will be prioritized based upon criteria that will be developed during the TID.
    4. Includes the development of a Parks and Recreation Master Plan.
    5. Construction Program Management includes professional services and SPLOST-related program fees to manage the overall SPLOST program over a six-year period.
    6. The cost of each Project reflected herein is an estimate only and is subject to change at the discretion of the governing body of the City of Stonecrest because of a change in the Project's priority and/or the Projects' actual cost.

    The Georgia Legislature gave counties the option to implement SPLOSTS more than 30 years ago. SPLOSTs have always been placed on the ballot for approval by the county in which it is to be implemented. The proceeds from the tax must go toward capital projects. The state also mandated that municipalities receive a share of the county’s SPLOST revenues. The revenue amounts are determined by the size of the city’s population. It is estimated that Stonecrest will receive more than $47 million over the next six years. If the SPLOST vote passes, Stonecrest will start receiving funds around May 2018. - 9/21/17

  • Jonathan Weintraub and Michael Sheridan sworn in by Mayor Jason Lary
    First Municipal Judges Sworn In

    Mayor Jason Lary administered the oath of office yesterday to Stonecrest’s first two municipal judges. Jonathan Weintraub was sworn in as the chief judge and Michael Sheridan took the oath for the judge pro tem. Weintraub and Sheridan are not newcomers to the DeKalb legal system. Weintraub was the county attorney for seven and a half years and served two years deputy chief operating officer and legal counsel to the chief operating officer. Weintraub also served five years as the county attorney for Gwinnett and three years as their assistant county attorney. Sheridan has practiced law for 11 years in DeKalb and is a partner at the law firm Davis & Sheridan, LLC. “These are the two best qualified people,” Lary said. “These attorneys would serve the city best as judges. They have been working in the DeKalb County for years,” he added. - 8/31/17

  • Officer W. Kirkland removes illegal signs from Turner Hill Road.
    Officer W. Kirkland removes illegal signs from Turner Hill Road.
    Code Enforcement Officers Clean up the City

    Business owners and service providers who decide to promote their businesses with signs on the right of ways in Stonecrest may not receive the customers that their advertising once yielded. The primary reason for this is that their signs are being removed by Stonecrest Code Enforcement Officers. “We recently went out and picked up more than 60 signs that were illegally placed,” said Al Ferrell, Chief Code Enforcement Officer.

    Placing signs in right of ways such as the grass adjacent to Turner Hill Road is illegal regardless of the size and type of sign. This violates the city’s sign ordinance and can carry up to a $1,000 fine per sign. This offense like many ordinance violations is considered a misdemeanor and therefore can go on an individual’s criminal record. Ferrell said that he and his officers are trying to gain compliance before issuing citations. “We are encouraging people not to violate these sign ordinances; however, after a warning, we will issue citations,’ Ferrell said. - 8/24/17

  • Franchise Fees Adopted To Aid City Budget

    Providers of local utilities are entering into franchise fee agreements with Stonecrest officials after the mayor and council passed the final ordinance for fee adoption this week. The agreement will assess franchise fees on AT&T, Atlanta Gas Light, Snapping Shoals EMC, Comcast, and Georgia Power. The fees are paid by the utility companies for rental and use of the city’s right of ways. These areas are used to run cables, gas lines, and wiring needed to provide utility service to city residents and businesses.

    Franchise fees range from three to five percent of customer’s gas, telephone, cable and electric bills. This amount is set by Georgia’s Public Service Commission and is charged by most cities. “Throughout Georgia, utility companies are required to pay these fees. The utility company determines if they pass these fees on to their customers,” said Plez Joyner, assistant city manager. For example, Snapping Shoals EMC passes the entire 4% fee to their customers; whereas, Georgia Power only passes a portion of that same amount to their customers. Atlanta Gas Light’s agreement is already in place. Snapping Shoals EMC will enact their agreement September 1, 2017. Other franchise agreements for companies such as AT&T, Georgia Power, and Comcast are in the final process and should become effective within 60 days.

    Franchise fees are paid directly to the city and are used to supplement the city’s operating budget. Counties are not allowed to charge these fees. - 8/22/17

  • Council Passes Ordinances Lifting Building Moratorium

    Mayor Jason Lary and the Stonecrest City Council approved all necessary ordinances to lift the building permit and land development moratorium tonight at midnight. The Stonecrest Zoning Ordinance, a modified version of the DeKalb County Zoning Ordinance was adopted unanimously by the council. Changes to the ordinance include the rezoning for sexually oriented businesses. The council will only allow sexually oriented businesses, mainly adult entertainment clubs, in industrial areas zoned M2.

    First Municipal Judges Appointed And Confirmed

    The Council appointed and confirmed the city’s first municipal court judge and judge pro tem, yesterday. Former DeKalb County Staff Attorney Jonathan Weintraub was appointed as Stonecrest’s chief judge and local attorney Michael Sheridan was appointed as his judge pro tem. Both positions will likely be part-time as the city establishes a court for ordinance and code enforcement violations. Stonecrest City Court will be held in City Hall once renovations are completed. The scheduled completion date will in October 2017.

    New Ordinances Prepare City For Strategic Growth

    A new Sign Ordinance was unanimously adopted. The mayor and council updated the DeKalb County Sign Ordinance to limit the size and the way signs are constructed. The ordinance also prohibited abandoned or damaged signs. As in the DeKalb Ordinance, city laws prohibit placing signs in the right of way adjacent to city roads and highways. The new city ordinance includes photos so that residents and business owners can view examples of acceptable, legal signs.

    New Vehicles, More New Employees

    Three new Ford Fusions, one Ford 150 and a Ford Transit Connect are the initial vehicles in the city’s fleet. The vehicles will be used for code enforcement, building inspection, and administrative duties. As the fleet grows so is the staff that will occupy them. Lillian Lowe and Leah Rodriguez joined the Stonecrest staff as administrative assistants. Josh Roth is the city’s new building official and William Kirkland is the city’s first code enforcement officer.

    The DeKalb County Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the city council. The plan outlines strategies and goals for residential, commercial, and industrial growth, along with land use, transportation, natural and cultural resources planning. The city can use the county’s plan for two years. Council and mayor must then adopt their own 20-year plan in accordance with Georgia law. As a part of the city’s plan for growth and economic development, the mayor and council appointed Bernard Knight to the East Metro Community Improvement District Board of Directors. Knight, an attorney who represents several businesses in the city, will be responsible for negotiating intergovernmental agreements for the provision of services by the CID as well as ensuring that the CID is allocating the proper funds to Stonecrest businesses.
    The council’s last appointments were to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Council members could nominate one member to the commission.

    The appointees are:

    District 1 – J. W. Eady
    District 2 – Wanda McNeil
    District 3 – Eric Hubbard
    District 4 – Michelle Emanuel
    District 5 – Lisa Wright.

    Hotel, Motel Tax Ordinance Adopted

    Finalizing a previous agenda item, the council adopted an ordinance to collect hotel and motel taxes from the city’s 10 lodging facilities. The tax will be 5 percent of the fees charged to customers for lodging. City officials and members of the Discover DeKalb Convention and Visitors’ Bureau will lobby state lawmakers next year to increase the tax to 8 percent. This will be in line with what most cities in the county collect as well as what DeKalb County collects from hotels and motels in the unincorporated areas. - 8/8/17

  • Code Enforcement Officer, William Kirkland attaches a magnetic logo to one of the city's first vehicles.
    Code Enforcement Officer, William Kirkland attaches a magnetic logo to one of the city's first vehicles.
    Mayor, Council Gain Access to Funding

    Mayor Jason Lary and the City Council will vote on a final hotel/motel tax ordinance at their next scheduled meeting on Monday. The ordinance will assess a 5 percent tax to Stonecrest’s 10 hotels and motels for fees charged to their guest for lodging. The tax is 3 percent lower than hotel operators have been paying to DeKalb County.

    On June 19, 2017, the mayor and council approved an 8 percent hotel/motel tax but later found that they had to rescind the ordinance until city officials get the approval of the State Legislature to charge 8 percent. Once approved the additional 3 percent will go toward promoting and marketing tourism, conventions and trade shows in accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. Georgia law only allows for 3 percent of the tax to go into the city’s General Fund. Taxes collected in excess of 3 percent must go into tourism and trade promotion. The city has not established a visitors’ bureau; therefore, the additional tax will go to the Discover DeKalb Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. The DCVB serves the entire county but will designate marketing and tourism funds for Stonecrest that match the amount of taxes collected. The tax shortfall for Stonecrest could be as much as $100,000 for the remainder of the year. Mayor and council are confident that they can persuade legislators to raise the taxes to 8 percent. According to James Tsismanakis, DDCVB director, 11 out of DeKalb’s 14 cities have hotels or motels. Of those 11 cities, Doraville and Decatur are the only ones that charge less that the standard 8 percent tax.

    City funding won’t just stop with the Hotel/Motel Tax. Recently, the mayor and council voted to approve a Tax Anticipation Note for $579,000. IberiaBank Corporation and city officials finalized the note, Tuesday and the funds will be available today with the stipulation that all money borrowed must be paid back before the end of the each calendar year in which it was borrowed. The Tax Anticipation Note is designed to help fund the city until tax revenues begin to come in, according to City Attorney Tom Kurrie. Attached to the note is a $1 million line of credit which can be paid back over time.

    New Vehicles, More New Employees

    Three new Ford Fusions, one Ford 150 and a Ford Transit Connect are the initial vehicles in the city’s fleet. The vehicles will be used for code enforcement, building inspection, and administrative duties. As the fleet grows so is the staff that will occupy them. Lillian Lowe and Leah Rodriguez joined the Stonecrest staff as administrative assistants. Josh Roth is the city’s new building official and William Kirkland is the city’s first code enforcement officer. - 8/3/17

  • BB&T Vice President, Dana Clark accepts the city's first check from Michael Harris and Audrey Mays.
    BB&T Vice President, Dana Clark accepts the city's first check from Michael Harris and Audrey Mays.
    Moving the City Forward

    City Manager, Michael Harris and Account Manager Audrey Mays deposited the city’s first check on Monday, July 17, 2017, immediately after the Stonecrest mayor and council voted to use BB&T for the city’s banking services.

    In the same council meeting, Mayor Jason Lary appointed Michael Sheridan as Stonecrest’s first municipal judge and Jonathan Weintraub as the judge pro tem; however, the city council chose to defer these appointments until the August 7th council meeting.

    “These are the two best qualified people,” Lary said. “These attorneys would serve the city best as judges. They have been working in the DeKalb County for years,” Lary added. Sheridan, a graduate of Howard University, has practiced law for 11 years. He is a partner in the law firm, Davis & Sheridan, LLC. Jonathan Weintraub is a former county attorney with DeKalb County government. His education background includes degrees from Syracuse University, Georgia State University and a Juris Doctorate from Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. Weintraub has more than 38 years of government, local, and municipal law experience.

    In other city business, the mayor and council agreed on a resolution for membership in the Georgia Interlocal Risk Management Association. Membership allows the city to purchase general and property liability insurance as well as insurance for city document errors and omissions. The annual premium will cost the city $14, 050 which will be prorated for 2017. The mayor and council also voted unanimously to accept a new city logo and to approve the use of QS/1 Governmental financial software to help the tracking of business licenses and budgeting. Council and mayor also voted the appointment of Grey, Pannell and Woodward, LLP as the special counsel for the city’s tax anticipation note.

    Topping off the week’s activities was the arrival of the first two city vehicles. The 2017 Ford Focus models arrived Friday and will be used for city administrative services and initial code enforcement. - 7/21/17

  • Social Media Icons
    Reaching the Community

    This week marked the launch of the Stonecrest website, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Also major updates were made to the city’s FaceBook page. - 7/21/17
  • L-R (back row: Mayor Jason Lary; Wayne Wright, project manager; interim City Manager Michael Harris; Nicole Dozier, Community Development Director; Adrion Bell, Communications Director; Assistant City Manager Plez Joyner; Audrey Mays, Accounts Manager; Brenda James, interim City Clerk; and Lawfawnya Hardy, receptionist. | Photo by Glenn Morgan
    L-R from back row: Mayor Jason Lary; Wayne Wright, project manager; interim City Manager Michael Harris; Nicole Dozier, Community Development Director; Adrion Bell, Communications Director; Assistant City Manager Plez Joyner; Audrey Mays, Accounts Manager; Brenda James, interim City Clerk; and Lawfawnya Hardy, receptionist. | Photo by Glenn Morgan
    Ready For Business

    Mayor Jason Lary and the Council approved a contract for two law firms to represent the city. Stonecrest City Attorney is Tom Kurrie, a partner at Coleman Talley LLP. Emily Macheski-Preston an associate from the same firm is also a part of the legal team. Also aiding with the city’s legal needs are Steven Fincher and Winston Denmark of Fincher Denmark LLC. During a Wednesday Mayor and Council Work Session, Mayor Lary recommended two attorneys to head the city’s municipal court. Michael Sheridan was nominated as the city’s first municipal judge and Jonathan Weintraub was nominated as the judge pro tem.

    One new staff member joined. Plez Joyner will serve as the assistant city manager. The inaugural staff for Stonecrest is;
    • Wayne Wright, Project Manager
    • Michael Harris, Interim City Manager
    • Plez Joyner, Assistant City Manager
    • Brenda James, Interim City Clerk
    • Nicole Dozier, Community Development Director
    • Adrion Bell, Communications Director
    • Audrey Mays, Account Manager
    In the upcoming weeks, city managers will hire a code enforcement chief, a code enforcement officer, building inspector, land development inspector, permitting technician, and a city planner. - 7/12/17
  • First ever Stonecrest business license
    Account Manager Audrey Mays accepts a business license application and a check from Jackson.
    First Business License Application

    The week culminated with a city hall visit from Rosalind Jackson, who became the city’s first business license applicant. Jackson applied for a license for a home-based, residential cleaning business - JMS LLC of Georgia. Her $140 check will represent the city’s first revenue. Michael Harris and Mays met with local bank representatives and will recommend BB&T Bank to the mayor and council to provide the city's banking services. - 7/12/17
  • Bernard Knight, Jim, and Daniel Kelly discuss with Audrey Mays
    L - R Audrey Mays, JimKelly, Daniel Kelly, Bernard Knight.
    Business Expansion for Stonecrest

    Bernard Knight, a land use and development attorney and clients Daniel and Jim Kelly, arrived at city hall Monday morning. The trio requested permits for a business expansion. - 7/12/17
  • Jolly Vokhiwa of Peachtree Movers assembles city hall's first office cubicles
    Jolly Vokhiwa of Peachtree Movers assembles city hall's first office cubicles.
    City Hall Offices Progressing

    In an adjacent area, movers and office furniture assemblers constructed office cubicles while information technology experts installed the necessary computer and office support equipment. - 7/12/17

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