SPLOST Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee

On October 16, 2018 Mayor Jason Lary named the 12-members of the SPLOST Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee. A detailed explanation of the committee is within the PowerPoint presentation below. In short, the roles of the committee are to:

  1. Review collections and expenditures of revenue generated by SPLOST

  2. Ensure the appropriate procedures are (1) in place and (2) being followed by city council, city hall staff, and selected vendors

  3. Provide expert advice, reviews, reports and recommendations on spending, budgets, projects, and legislation

  4. Provide transparency and accountability to the citizens of the city of Stonecrest from SPLOST

  5. Ensure the funds from SPLOST are well managed and used efficiently

  6. Ensure SPLOST projects are equitable, appropriately prioritized, and well distributed throughout the city

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Committee Agenda and Minutes

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