New Birth Cathedral

New Birth is an apostolic and prophetic center that builds, equips, activates, imparts, releases, gathers, restores, and revives. Our vision is to LOVE, LIVE, and LEAD like Christ.

Bishop Stephen A. Davis was named by the late Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Board of Directors (in their Succession Plan adopted in 2013 ) to serve as New Birth’s Senior Pastor. Bishop Davis picked up the mantel that was given him and continues to advance the kingdom of God with a vision to Love, Live and Lead like Christ.

Along with pastoring New Birth in Stonecrest, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama Bishop Davis is a mentor for spiritual sons, pastors, and youth. He has been married to his wife, Lady Darlene for over 27 years and a has three daughters, two grandchildren and a pet Chihuahua ‘Sugar Bear’.

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