Community Development

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Community Development activities build stronger and more resilient communities through an ongoing process of identifying and addressing community needs. This department develops and maintains efficient and effective planning, zoning, building, permitting and code enforcement processes and services within the city. The Community Development Department consists of three (3) divisions:

  • Planning & Zoning
  • Building & Permitting
  • Code Enforcement

Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division implements the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance.

Building & Permitting

The Building and Permitting Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Georgia State minimum standard code and related procedures for permitting and inspections of buildings within the city.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing codes which address health and safety issues, including regulations related to rubbish, debris, attractive nuisances, removal of vegetation, zoning and inoperable vehicles on private property.

Comprehensive Plan 2038

The Comprehensive Plan 2038 provides the vision for how growth within the city will be balanced with the goals and needs of its stakeholders, impacting what the city will look like in the future. Its goal is to define a place for quality residential neighborhoods, thriving commercial districts, compatible mixed-use developments, environmental habitats, robust industrial economy and strategically located employment centers.

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