Stonecrest Comprehensive Plan 2038

Here’s What You Have Said So Far

The people have spoken! After the successful conclusion of the community open houses and results from the online survey, we summarized the primary desires of Stonecrest’s residential and business community.

During the open houses we had various levels of engagement and activities to determine the suggested infrastructure priorities the government should focus on. Public transportation (27%) is the overwhelming suggestion. This is followed, in order, by roads (22%), sidewalks (20%), emergency services (EMS, Fire, Police) (13%), technology (8%) and parks/recreation (7%).

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There is a slight difference of opinion from our online community. When considering the same priorities, online respondents weighed in heavily on roads (41%), followed by emergency services (25%) and technology infrastructure (12%).



Feedback taken from our online survey places attention on other notable developments. Over 60 percent of respondents desire mixed-use developments to influence the shape of Stonecrest. These developments are quite popular within the real estate industry as they combine residential and commercial uses into a single building, as well as entertainment, cultural or institutional uses into an overall single development.


These are exciting times as we plan Stonecrest’s future! Stay updated on our progress by regularly checking this page and connecting with us on all of our social media accounts.

Building Community, Culture & Commerce for Now and the Future!

All great things start with a plan. As a new city, we want to make sure we create the opportunities our residents expect in a ‘world-class’ city.

To do this, we must plan. One of our long-term plans includes how the city will look and function many years from now. Based on our collective experience and the best practices of other great cities, we have a solid foundation of how to develop Stonecrest. However, we want to include input from the people and business who will be most affected by our great city’s development. This is a primary reason for developing our Comprehensive Plan 2038.

The plan provides the vision for how growth within the city will be balanced with the goals and needs of its stakeholders, impacting what the city will look like in the future. Its goal is to define a place for quality residential neighborhoods, thriving commercial districts, compatible mixed-use developments, environmental habitats, robust industrial economy and strategically located employment centers.

This plan will guide and shape the city’s future growth. The comprehensive plan will provide a roadmap for growth and development in the city based on the needs and goals identified by the community.

Setting the Pace

Below is a general timeline highlighting the major benchmarks of the Comprehensive Plan 2038. Please note these items are subject to change.

CX3 Time Line


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